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  • Flat-fee Program for Parameter Transfers at Industrial Automation Co

    At Industrial Automation Co, we proudly serve the maintenance and repair markets. As you replace aging automation equipment, you may be faced with ...
  • The Best Servo Motors for Industrial Automation

    A servo motor is a closed-loop system with an encoder to provide control feedback. By incorporating a control mechanism, the best servo motors can rotate into precise positions and hold those positions with a high degree of accuracy. In their advanced forms, they control angle, velocity, and acceleration.
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView Selection Guide

    The Allen-Bradley PanelView series is an excellent human-machine interface (HMI) product family. It offers a fantastic range of options and advantages. For years, smart manufacturers have relied on them to control their machinery. The durability and dependability of these operator terminals have made them a top choice for many industrial applications.
  • Guide to the Components of a CNC Machine

    Knowing the components of a CNC machine can help you get the most out of this equipment. It makes sense to understand the various machine parts since these workhorses of the manufacturing industry can be found everywhere.
  • Components of PLCs

    PLC components are commonly used in industrial automation to control machines, processes, and systems. While this technology has become widely known, there needs to be some clarification about what the basic elements of a PLC are and how they are used in today's modern manufacturing environments.
  • Guide to Operating a CNC Machine Safely

    CNC machine safety is an essential topic for your factory or workshop. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines are exact, efficient tools for various manufacturing processes such as cutting, shaping, and machining. However, utilizing these powerful machines also poses potential safety hazards if proper CNC safety is not observed.
  • PLC Troubleshooting Guide

    Electronically operated machines using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have dominated industrial fabrication and manufacturing production chains for decades. Consequently, knowing how to troubleshoot PLC issues has become a vital part of CNC maintenance and upkeep.
  • What Is a Programmable Logic Controller?

    If you've ever wondered, "What is a programmable logic controller?" we have the answer you're looking for. Programmable logic controllers have revolutionized automation in the manufacturing industry.
  • Guide to Servo Motors: What Are Servo Motors & How Do They Work?

    Large and small servo motors are everywhere these days. You can find servo motors in your day-to-day life, helping you move your car seat or automatically raise and lower your window. Other servomechanisms are used for robotics and various industrial applications
  • The 5 Types of Servo Motors

    Today, let's talk about servo motor types. Servos have become such a large part of our manufacturing and engineering industries that we often take them for granted. All types of servo motors come with their own set of advantages and unique features. Learn more about different servo motor applications and get an overview of this fascinating technology below.
  • In the News: Industrial Automation Co. Now Distributor of JAKA

    Industrial Automation Co.  Dec 08, 2022, 10:00 ET Industrial Automation Co. Now Distributor of JAKA for U.S. Industrial ...
  • Industrial Telephone Repair

    Many facilities use industrial telephones for plant communications. These ruggedized phones are resistant to extreme environments, rough handling, ...