3 Signs That Your AC Spindle Motor Needs To Be Replaced

3 Signs That Your AC Spindle Motor Needs To Be Replaced

There’s a saying that goes, “all good things must come to an end.” This is true of celebrations and seasons of life, and it’s certainly true of our AC spindle motors and other CNC machinery. Even excellent-quality, well-maintained equipment eventually reaches the end of its use.

It’s not the job of manufacturing owners and operators to delay this moment but to recognize when it has arrived. Otherwise, we increase the risk of downtime and dangerous accidents in our facilities. And the best way to recognize when we’ve reached that moment is to know the signs that an AC spindle motor needs to be replaced.

Increased Heat

Friction and motion naturally produce heat, so you can expect any piece of machinery to be at least a little hot. However, a functional machine also comes equipped with ventilation to help dispel some of that heat. So when you find equipment overheating, that’s often a sign of a serious problem.

In the case of AC spindle motors, this heat often develops due to contaminants, such as old coolant, metal particles, and grease, becoming trapped in your motor system. As these contaminants combine and become heated, they become a thick substance that gums up an entire system, rendering it severely damaged, often beyond repair.

Rattling Noises or Vibrations

Noise and vibrations aren’t always a sign that your AC spindle motor needs to be replaced, but they do almost always point to problems. A rattling or vibrating motor is often a sign of an issue with the tool or spindle itself, such as the spindle being unbalanced or out of line. It may also point to a belt problem, such as the belt becoming worn out or not having enough tension.

While these issues are usually fixable, not every rattling motor scenario is. Rattling or vibrations are also often the results of significant wear and tear in your motor or spindle. In these cases, you may need to replace your spindle motor entirely.

Motor Seizing Up

A motor seizing up entirely is another issue that may stem from various things. In many cases, it’s just a matter of it not having proper lubrication. It may also be due to an improper motor installation. However, the same contamination issues mentioned for an overheating motor may also cause one to seize up.

If your motor is failing, take the time to inspect the interior. This will help you identify whether your motor is simply in need of some routine maintenance or if it’s time to get a new one.

All good things must come to an end. But fortunately, Industrial Automation Co. has new and used AC spindle motors to help replace the old components to keep your facility running.