Electronics repair during supply chain shortages

At the time of writing, supply chain shortages continue to rock industries across the world. Many engineers and designers are facing unfathomable lead times for run-of-the-mill automation equipment. For example, Rockwell Automation currently lists lead times approaching six months for any of their workhorse PowerFlex AC drives.

At Industrial Automation Co, we offer a full range of testing and repair services for our customers. Many users are looking to extend the life of legacy drives rather than migrate to newer systems. Other users are pulling old drives out of storage, hoping to find something usable.

If you have old drives, the experts at Industrial Automation Co can help you keep them running. We use current-limited variable power supplies to safely power up devices that have been stored for an extended period. We have the ability to test, refurbish, and repair virtually any brand and age of AC drive.

If you are interested in our testing and repair services, feel free to contact us today.