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Exploring the Features of the Mitsubishi MELSERVO MR-J2S-B Series

Exploring the Features of the Mitsubishi MELSERVO  MR-J2S-B Series

Mitsubishi Electric's MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series servo amplifiers are renowned for their high performance and advanced features, making them a cornerstone in industrial automation. This blog will delve into the standout features of the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series, explaining how they enhance efficiency, precision, and reliability in various applications. Whether you're an engineer, a product manager, or an automation enthusiast, understanding these features can help you make informed decisions about integrating these advanced servo amplifiers into your systems.

Introduction to the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B Series

The MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series evolves from the earlier MELSERVO-J2 series, offering improved performance and functionality. These servo amplifiers are designed for general-purpose AC servo applications and are compatible with the SSCNET network, ensuring seamless communication and control. Key features of this series include high-resolution encoders, adaptive vibration suppression, and real-time auto-tuning, among others.

High-Resolution Encoders

One of the standout features of the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series is its high-resolution encoders. These encoders boast a resolution of 131,072 pulses per revolution, providing exceptionally accurate position detection. This high resolution translates into smoother and more precise motion control, critical for applications requiring fine positioning and tight tolerances. For example, controlling motion with such accuracy can significantly improve product quality and process efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing or precision machining.

Adaptive Vibration Suppression

Another innovative feature of the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series is its adaptive vibration suppression control. This function detects mechanical resonances within the system and automatically sets filter characteristics to suppress these vibrations. By mitigating the effects of resonance, the servo amplifier enhances the stability and accuracy of the servo system. This is particularly beneficial in high-speed applications where vibrations can compromise performance and cause wear on mechanical components.

Real-Time Auto-Tuning

The real-time auto-tuning capability of the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series simplifies the process of optimizing servo gain settings. Traditionally, tuning a servo system to achieve optimal performance can be complex and time-consuming. However, with real-time auto-tuning, the servo amplifier continuously adjusts the gain settings based on the system's operating conditions. This ensures that the servo system maintains optimal performance even as load conditions change. This feature can save significant time and effort for industries where quick setup and adaptability are crucial, such as robotics and automated assembly lines.

Advanced Communication Capabilities

The MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series supports advanced communication protocols, including SSCNET, allowing high-speed and reliable data transfer between the servo amplifier and the controller. This ensures that the system can respond quickly to control commands and feedback signals, enhancing the overall responsiveness and performance of the servo system. Additionally, the series includes an RS-232C serial communication function, enabling easy connection to a personal computer for parameter setting, test operations, and status monitoring using the MR Configurator software.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is a paramount concern in industrial environments, and the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series includes several features designed to protect equipment and personnel. These include overcurrent shut-off, regenerative overvoltage shut-off, overload protection, and encoder fault protection. The servo amplifiers also have a built-in dynamic brake, ensuring the servo motor stops quickly and safely in an emergency.

Regenerative Options and Brake Units

The MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series offers regenerative options and brake units for frequent acceleration and deceleration applications. These components help manage the regenerative energy produced during deceleration, preventing overheating and ensuring efficient energy use. The regenerative brake unit can be handy in high-speed applications requiring rapid stopping.

User-Friendly Interface and Configuration

The MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series is designed with the user in mind, offering a straightforward interface and uncomplicated configuration options. The MR Configurator software provides a user-friendly platform for setting parameters, performing test operations, and monitoring system status. This software simplifies the process of configuring the servo system to meet specific application requirements, reducing setup time and enhancing overall usability.

Application Versatility

The MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series is suitable for various applications thanks to its advanced features and robust performance. Whether used in manufacturing, robotics, packaging, or any other industry requiring precise motion control, these servo amplifiers deliver reliable and efficient performance. Their adaptability and high precision make them valuable to any automated system.


The MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series servo amplifiers testify to Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to innovation and quality in industrial automation. These servo amplifiers offer unparalleled performance and reliability with high-resolution encoders, adaptive vibration suppression, real-time auto-tuning, and advanced communication capabilities. By integrating these advanced features into your automation systems, you can achieve greater precision, efficiency, and safety in your operations. Whether you want to enhance or develop a new system, the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series provides the tools you need to succeed.

Stay ahead of the curve in industrial automation with the MELSERVO MR-J2S-B series and experience the benefits of cutting-edge servo technology.

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