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Flat-fee Program for Parameter Transfers at Industrial Automation Co

At Industrial Automation Co, we proudly serve the maintenance and repair markets. As you replace aging automation equipment, you may be faced with transferring parameters or programming from one device to another. For example, many PLCs, VFDs, and servo drives contain parameters specific to your machine. Sharing parameters from your old device with the new one is essential before installation.

Parameter Transfers

We can transfer parameters to your replacement product for a flat $150 fee (for most products, some restrictions apply; discounts are available for multiple identical items). Send us your old device, or email a copy of the parameters to service@iac.us.com. Our shipping address is 544 Pylon Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606.

Reasons why customers choose Industrial Automation Co. to transfer their parameters:

  • No hardware needed: We'll save you the hassle of finding a PC with a serial port, serial cable, or whatever other cables are required for programming
  • No software needed: If you're on a locked-down work computer, we can transfer the drive and ship it back faster than you may get a response from your IT department
  • No worries: We have years of experience doing this for customers
  • No wait: We turn around most programming transfers same-day

You do not have to purchase our products to use this service. Reach out to our sales team for more information.

Sales Email: sales@iac.us.com

Corporate Phone: 1-877-727-8757 (1-877-PARTS-57)

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