Industrial Telephone Repair

Many facilities use industrial telephones for plant communications. These ruggedized phones are resistant to extreme environments, rough handling, and vandalism.

Due to their high-quality construction and component, new industrial telephones can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, many models are frequently backordered for weeks or months. Savvy plant managers can save significant time and money by repairing their existing phones.

One of our newest technicians at Industrial Automation Co has worked for five years in manufacturing, repair, and testing for one of the world's leading industrial telephone manufacturers. You may even have a phone that he built or tested in your facility. He now brings his five years' industrial telephone experience (alongside 25 years' other electronics repair experience) to Industrial Automation Co.

Whether it's a broken industrial telephone, motor drive, or anything else, Industrial Automation Co is your one-stop-shop for all your electronics repair needs.