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Understanding Safety Measures for Servo Amplifier Systems

Understanding Safety Measures for Servo Amplifier Systems


Safety is paramount in industrial automation. Servo amplifier systems, such as the MEL-SERVO MR-J2S-B series, are integral to many operations, and understanding the safety measures associated with their installation and use is crucial. This comprehensive guide will explore the essential safety precautions to ensure the safe and efficient operation of servo amplifier systems.

Introduction to Servo Amplifier Safety

Servo amplifiers are critical in controlling servo motors, ensuring precise motion and positioning in automated systems. However, the high voltages and mechanical movements can pose significant risks if not managed correctly. This guide will highlight the key safety measures you must follow to protect personnel and equipment.

Electrical Safety Precautions

Managing power effectively is crucial. Always turn off the power supply and wait at least 15 minutes before performing any maintenance or inspection. Ensure the charge lamp is turned off, indicating the system is fully discharged. Using a voltage tester to confirm that the voltage between P and N is safe before touching any components is essential.

Proper grounding is another critical aspect. Always connect the servo amplifier and servo motor to the ground to prevent electrical shock and ensure stable operation. Using dedicated ground cables for each connection helps avoid electrical noise and ensures a reliable grounding system.

Wiring should only be handled by qualified personnel to prevent severe injuries or equipment damage. Ensure all electrical connections are secure and properly insulated, as loose or damaged wires can cause short circuits or electrical fires. When working on the servo amplifier, use insulated tools to prevent accidental contact with live components and avoid touching live parts or terminals during operation.

Mechanical Safety Measures

When installing the servo amplifier, ensure it is mounted on a stable, incombustible surface that can support its weight and is free from vibrations. Leave adequate clearance around the amplifier for ventilation to prevent overheating.

Handle the servo amplifier with care to avoid dropping or striking it, as this can damage internal components. Use appropriate lifting equipment and methods when transporting, and avoid holding the servo motor by the cables or shaft.

The operating environment should meet specified conditions: a temperature range of 0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F) and humidity of 90% RH or less, non-condensing. Protect the servo amplifier from corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, dust, and dirt. Use protective covers to prevent accidental contact with moving parts, and avoid wearing loose clothing or accessories that could get caught in these parts.

Fire Prevention Measures

To reduce the risk of fire, install the servo amplifier and servo motor on incombustible materials and ensure the surrounding area is free from combustible materials. Always connect a magnetic contactor (MC) between the power supply and the servo amplifier to help shut down the power supply in case of an overcurrent situation. When using regenerative resistors, ensure they are properly connected and use an alarm signal to switch off the main power in case of a fault.

Emergency Measures

Providing a forced stop circuit is crucial to ensure the system can be immediately stopped in an emergency, helping to prevent accidents and equipment damage. Regularly test the forced stop circuit to ensure it functions correctly. Before resetting any alarms, ensure the run signal of the servo amplifier is off to prevent accidents from a sudden restart. Investigate and fix the causes of any alarms before restarting the system.

Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance is essential for safe operation. Conduct scheduled inspections to ensure all components function correctly and replace aging parts, such as electrolytic capacitors, every 10 years to prevent failures. Maintain detailed records of all maintenance and inspection activities to assist with troubleshooting and ensure ongoing safety.


Safety is the cornerstone of effective industrial automation. By understanding and implementing these safety measures, you can ensure the reliable and safe operation of your servo amplifier systems. From electrical and mechanical precautions to fire prevention and emergency measures, each step is crucial in protecting personnel and equipment. Remember, a safe working environment enhances efficiency and prevents costly accidents and downtime.

Stay safe, and keep your systems running smoothly with the MEL-SERVO MR-J2S-B Servo Amplifier!

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