Understanding the Design and EMC for Sinamics S120 AC Drive Components


When it comes to the world of AC drives, the Sinamics S120 stands out due to its unique design and exceptional EMC considerations. This blog post aims to delve into the design aspects, degree of protection, and EMC considerations for the Sinamics S120 AC Drive components.

Design Aspects

The Sinamics S120 components are designed in accordance with the degree of protection IPXXB as per EN 60529 and as open-type devices according to UL 50. This design ensures protection against electric shock. However, to ensure protection against mechanical stress and climatic conditions, the components should only be operated in housing, cabinets, or enclosed electrical operating areas that fulfill at least degree of protection IP54 and, as enclosure type 12, are designed according to UL 50.

Degree of Protection

The components must be protected against conductive pollution, for instance, by installing them in a cabinet with degree of protection IP54 according to EN 60529. If conductive pollution can be prevented at the installation site, the degree of protection for the cabinet can be decreased accordingly. However, installation in a cabinet with degree of protection IP54 according to EN 60529 is advisable to ensure the safety functions of Safety Integrated are not compromised.

EMC Considerations

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a key aspect of the Sinamics S120 AC Drive. The drive is designed to minimize the emission of electromagnetic waves that could interfere with other electronic devices, and it is also resistant to electromagnetic waves from external sources. This is achieved through careful design and the use of EMC filters and shielding.


The Sinamics S120 AC Drive is a testament to the meticulous design and engineering efforts that go into creating a reliable and efficient AC drive. Its design ensures not only the safety of the user but also the longevity and efficient operation of the drive itself. By understanding these aspects, users can ensure they are getting the most out of their Sinamics S120 AC Drive and that it is installed and operated in a manner that ensures its optimal performance and lifespan.