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Why Are Programmable Motion Controllers So Important?

Why Are Programmable Motion Controllers So Important?

Every part of the human body is important, but the rest of your body wouldn’t get far without the brain. Along with allowing us to process thought, it’s what commands the rest of the internal organs to function correctly and tells the muscles and bones to move.

In the world of servo motors, programmable motion controllers are the equivalent of the brain. So it’s not difficult to see why programmable motion controllers are so important.

What Is a Programmable Motion Controller?

A servo system is made up of several key parts. An interface allows humans to input controls; a tool carries out the commands; and an encoder provides feedback. The programmable motion controller is the CPU (central processing unit) that processes the commands and feedback to the system.

What Programmable Motion Controllers Do

Process Complex Command Inputs

A variety of machines contain controllers. Many contain microcontrollers, which in turn contain input-output peripherals. This allows the device to process commands.

However, programmable motion controllers also have a human interface. This allows the device to process far more complex commands. Additionally, it allows operators to reprogram the system to take on a wider range of tasks.

Allow for Feedback

One of the key reasons manufacturers use CNC machinery is because it allows for highly precise and accurate machining. This is due to the fact that these machines are able to process feedback as the tool works on the materials. The powerful, durable CPU within the programmable motion controller is what allows the system to process this feedback.

Increase Efficiency

The result of these processes is that manufacturing plants enjoy a greater degree of efficiency than they would with machines that didn’t utilize programmable motion controllers. When operators can program their machines to perform more specific sets of commands, they’re able to eliminate unnecessary steps of the manufacturing process. Additionally, the feedback prevents defects in products, saving businesses both time and money.

When you understand why programmable motion controllers are important, it’s easy to see their roles in your business. That’s why Industrial Automations has used PLC parts for sale to benefit your company’s operations.

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