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Allen-Bradley has been supplying factories with the tools they need to automate their operations for well over 100 years for more efficient lines and productive workplaces. Allen-Bradley electronics parts cover various equipment types, including programmable logic controllers, software drives, motor control centers, human-machine interfaces, and safety components.

Industrial Automation has high-quality Allen-Bradley replacement parts for all your equipment needs, including discontinued parts and CompactLogix control systems. This will help you keep your equipment up and running for longer, reducing the direct cost of equipment replacement and the more indirect costs of equipment downtime. Not seeing the part you need? Be sure to check out our full Allen-Bradly part catalog, or for more information, contact us today.

Allen-Bradley Replacement Parts for Industrial Automation Systems

Allen-Bradley is one of the premier names in industrial automation components. View our inventory for replacement Allen-Bradley parts. Since its start in 2013, Allen-Bradley products changed the industry with superior industrial automation parts like programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, safety components, AC drives, and sensors. Makers of Milwaukee's best industrial automation components, you will find new and discontinued Allen-Bradley replacement parts online here at Industrial Automation Co.



Are you looking for industrial replacement parts? You have come to the right place. In addition to our Allen-Bradley products, we carry a diverse catalog of industrial automation components from the industry's best brands to keep your machine shop running smoothly. These brands include Siemens products all the way to Schneider Electric parts. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Allen-Bradley replacement parts

You can place an order for Allen-Bradley products by calling our toll-free number at 1-877-PARTS-57 (727-8757). You can also send a purchase order by email at For first-time orders, we recommend calling us to get quotes and shipping information on your Allen-Bradley replacement parts

All our Allen-Bradley replacement parts under 20 lbs. qualify for two-day shipping within the continental United States. If you need expedited shipping for emergency situations, please contact us and we can coordinate same-day courier service for your industrial replacement parts.

There are several ways to request a quote on our Allen-Bradley replacement parts. You can click the Request Quote button on the Allen-Bradley product page for the item you wish to order. You may also contact us by phone or email to receive your quote. During business hours, we typically provide quotes in ten minutes or less.


We carry three types of Allen-Bradley spare parts: New Surplus Sealed, New Surplus Open Box, and Refurbished.

Industrial Automation Co. specializes in providing industrial automation products for a wide range of machines and applications. Our commitment to our customers is to give them the best customer service possible. We want you to know your Allen-Bradley products will work as intended. You should be able to rely on your CNC machines to complete their duty cycles without constant breakdowns and required maintenance. You can trust Industrial Automation Co. to supply reliable, high-quality industrial automation components.


When your CNC machines break down, you need comprehensive and reliable solutions for your industrial replacement parts. Our inventory of Allen-Bradley products covers all major industrial automation components and includes the following:

  • Operator Interfaces
  • AC Drives
  • Servo Drives
  • Axis Modules
  • Programmable Logic Controllers


These Allen-Bradley products are new in original sealed packaging. There may be some shelf wear and discoloration on your Allen-Bradley replacement parts. These products are covered by our two-year warranty.


Parts of this type are in the original packaging but not sealed. Industrial Automation does not guarantee documentation and accessories to come with these products. Our New Surplus Open Box Allen-Bradley parts are also covered by our two-year warranty.


Industrial Automation's engineers professionally refurbish Allen-Bradley parts and restore them to working condition. These parts may or may not have the original packaging or come with documentation and accessories. We cover all our refurbished Allen-Bradley replacement parts with our two-year warranty.

Order Allen-Bradley Parts Online Today

Get the best in industrial replacement parts online at Industrial Automation Co. We source difficult-to-find Allen-Bradley replacement parts to keep production lines moving. Our mission is to fulfill your supply chain needs by providing Allen-Bradley products and services for new and discontinued equipment. Find the industrial automation components you need online today.


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