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Siemens 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1

Siemens 6Se6440-2Ud31-5Da1
Siemens 6Se6440-2Ud31-5Da1

Siemens 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1

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  • 3-PHASE
  • 380-480 VAC
  • 12.8 A
  • 47-63 HZ
  • -10 TO +50°C
  • IP20

The Siemens 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 is a high-performance frequency drive designed for industrial applications. With a maximum current of 220A and a power range of 2.2-18.5kW, this drive is reliable and efficient, allowing you to work faster and with greater precision.

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Siemens 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1

The Siemens 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 is a highly sophisticated frequency converter, ideal for regulating and controlling the speed of electric motors. Its numerous features and functionalities make it an optimal fit for various industrial settings.

Technical Specifications:

The 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 frequency converter is designed to operate with a three-phase input configuration. The converter operates within a line frequency range of 47 to 63 Hz, accommodating common frequency standards worldwide.

Regarding its electrical characteristics, the 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 has a rated current of 37.00 A at the low-output (LO) level. This indicates the maximum current the converter can handle under normal operating conditions.

Additionally, it has a rated current of 33.80 A at the high-output (HO) level. These current ratings ensure the converter can effectively supply power to the connected motor while maintaining stability and performance.

The power factor of the 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 is specified as 0.95. A power factor of 0.95 indicates that the converter operates with relatively high efficiency in utilizing the available power from the input source.

Speaking of efficiency, this frequency converter boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 0.96. This efficiency value indicates the converter's ability to convert electrical energy into usable mechanical energy for the connected motor. With a high-efficiency rating, the converter minimizes power losses during the conversion process, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 converter supports various motor types, including induction, synchronous, and linear motors, providing flexibility in motor control applications. It offers precise speed and torque control, enhancing efficiency and energy savings. The converter also features advanced control algorithms and built-in safety functions.

Ambient Conditions:

The 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 frequency converter is suitable for various industrial environments thanks to its ability to operate in various ambient temperature conditions.

The converter can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 °C for storage and transport. This wide temperature tolerance allows for safe storage and transportation of the equipment, even in harsh climates or during long-distance shipping.

During low-output (LO) operation, the converter can effectively function within a temperature range of -10 to 40 °C. This means it can reliably operate in environments where the temperature falls within this specified range.

At the high-output (HO) level, the 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 can operate in a slightly narrower temperature range of -10 to 50 °C. This temperature range still allows operation in various industrial settings, including those with moderate ambient temperatures.

To ensure optimal cooling and prevent overheating, this converter has a fan. The fan facilitates the dissipation of heat generated during operation, helping to maintain the converter's temperature within acceptable limits. This cooling mechanism enables the converter to operate reliably and efficiently, even under continuous use or in demanding applications.

Siemens 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1

The 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 frequency converter finds application in various industrial sectors due to its advanced features and versatility. The converter plays a crucial role in the manufacturing industry by regulating the speed and torque of electric motors employed in conveyor systems, assembly lines, and automated machinery.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems require reliable motor control to regulate air circulation and temperature. The 6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 converter can control the speed of fans and pumps in HVAC systems, ensuring optimal energy consumption and precise airflow control. Its wide input voltage range and robust design make it suitable for demanding HVAC applications.

In warehouses, logistics centers, and distribution facilities, the converter can control the speed and acceleration of conveyor belts, cranes, and lifts. By adjusting the motor speed based on the load requirements, the converter enhances the efficiency and safety of material handling operations, enabling faster and more precise movement of goods.