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FANUC A06B-0273-B200#0100

Fanuc A06B-0273-B200#0100
Fanuc A06B-0273-B200#0100
Fanuc A06B-0273-B200#0100

FANUC A06B-0273-B200#0100

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  • 5.5 KW
  • 7.9 AMP
  • 3000 RPM
  • 408 V
  • 200 HZ

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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IAC Certified Refurbished A06B-0273-B200#0100-R $1,390.00 USD 2 Year Extended Warranty 1 In Stock in US!
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FANUC A06B-0273-B200#0100

This AC servo motor A06B-0273-B200#0100 is the perfect choice for a machine tool with demanding requirements, such as high speeds and precise accuracy. Smaller tools can also benefit from advanced performance capabilities.

FANUC's state-of-the-art engineering offers the ultimate protection for the motor against any liquid intrusions, thanks to its robust waterproof connectors and advanced seal.

Technical Description of A06B-0273-B200#0100:

This motor A06B-0273-B200#0100 model is an impressive engineering feat, producing 115 Nm of torque and spinning up to 4 thousand revolutions per minute. Its low moment of inertia produces more efficient performance with a resistance rating of just 0.23 ohms.

This advanced model A06B-0273-B200#0100 boasts an impressive thermal time constant of 40 minutes and a lightning-quick mechanical counterpart at 0.001 seconds. This innovative product is designed for maximum performance efficiency, weighing 28 kilograms and having 1.2 Nm static friction.

The A06B-0273-B200#0100 model offers a powerful yet efficient rotation with 40 Nm stall torque and 18 A power. Its innovative magnetic pole shape minimizes torque ripple, making for an ultra-smooth operation experience.

This A06B model has a remarkable output torque and medium rotor inertia, allowing it to attain outstanding acceleration. Its back EMF constant is 77 V/1000 min-1, and its torque constant is 2.21 Nm/A €“ values that place this motor ahead of the competition for speedily reaching peak performance.

This servo motor A06B-0273-B200#0100 has been crafted to maximize efficiency and minimize bulk: providing a powerful 5.5 kW output while only drawing 7.9 A of current, all thanks to the cutting-edge neodymium ferrite magnet responsible for drastically reducing its size and weight. Even the smallest machine tools can easily integrate it due to its compactness.

With its IP67 dust and liquid protection, the model A06B-0273-B200#0100 ensures maximum durability. The motor features a high-density winding that optimizes core shape for reduced iron loss at higher rotations, leading to minimized heat generation across an extended continuous operating zone.

The motor A06B-0273-B200#0100 powers at a speedy 3000 revolutions per minute and completes operations at a lightning-fast 200 Hz frequency. It also includes a thermal guard that monitors any abnormal currents running through it to prevent sudden rising temperatures.

The motor A06B-0273-B200#0100 is equipped with a high€“resolution pulse coder, allowing for accurate and precise positioning. For successful operation, you must provide an external 3-phase voltage supply of 400 to 480 V at 50/60 Hz.

The A06B-0273-B200#0100 model boasts industry-leading stats, an F insulation class, and a near-perfect 99% power factor. Plus, the motor is equipped with a protective shaft seal to keep out foreign matter like oil.

Operating Ambient Conditions:

The motor's operation requires an ideal temperature range of -10 to 40°C. When temperatures exceed this range, it is crucial to reduce the output power to avoid overheating and maintain consistent performance.

General Wiring Precautions:

Before connecting an electric motor, ensure its wires are isolated from potential power sources. Failing to firmly secure the ground terminal with the machine's corresponding grounding connection point can result in electric shocks, making it a hazardous precaution to neglect. Not securing the ground terminal firmly with the machine's corresponding grounding connection point can be hazardous as it may result in electric shocks. Therefore, ensure you firmly secure the ground terminal to avoid potential hazards.

Ensure power wires are firmly attached to the terminal block with a specified tightening torque. Loosely connected wires can generate excessive heat at the terminal block, increasing the risk of an electrical fire and other potentially hazardous side effects like electric shocks or short circuits.