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FANUC A06B-6089-H204

Fanuc A06B-6089-H204
Fanuc A06B-6089-H204

FANUC A06B-6089-H204

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-6089-H204

The FANUC A06B-6089-H204 is a powerful two-axis AC servo amplifier unit, aptly termed the ALPHA Servo Amplifier Unit. Expertly equipped with a drive-type AC SVU2-12/40, this module provides precision control of motors to keep them performing at their maximum potential.

The servo amplifier module seamlessly controls a diverse mix of motors with late-generation FANUC systems, thanks to its dual-axis SVU2-12/40 configuration and type B interface.

With excellent compatibility and reliable performance, operators can expect efficient operation in even the most demanding industrial settings.

Technical Features of the Module:

The A06B-6089-H204 servo amplifier module is a reliable, powerful choice to make industrial operations smoother and faster. Its high-quality performance ensures long-term satisfaction in any application environment.

This robust module is designed to operate efficiently at a voltage of 200-230V, packing an impressive power capability of up to 12A.

The output reaches a nominal 230 volts with a maximum current of 3.0A and 8.8A for the L and M axis, respectively, ensuring reliable performance in any application setting.

The A06B-6089-H204 servo amplifier module is designed to deliver robust and dependable operation, with cutting-edge features like overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and a thermal shutoff system providing ultimate safety assurance.

Operating and Installation Conditions:

When installed in a controlled environment, the A06B-6089-H204 servo amplifier module provides superior performance and durability.

This sophisticated technology is designed to operate within an optimal range of 0°C - 55°C temperature with 5% - 95% humidity, allowing for reliable operation efficiently without risk of overheating or corrosion from condensation.

Ensure optimal placement away from direct sunlight, heat sources such as radiators, and other warm equipment for a successful installation.

Major Components:

The A06B-6089-H204 servo amplifier module requires meticulous attention to the wiring board and PCB specifications. These details are essential for the optimal performance and dependability of the module.

The A20B-2002-0063 wiring board ensures precision and stability when connecting modules to AC servo motors. Manufactured with premium materials, this highly durable wiring board meets stringent quality standards for trustworthy performance over a long lifespan.

The A20B-2002-0032 PCB is designed to enable the advanced functions of the cutting-edge A06B-6089-H204 servo amplifier module.

Engineered with superior materials and built using sophisticated manufacturing processes, this high-performance printed circuit board ensures steady operation even in challenging industrial settings while providing exacting accuracy for maximum application efficiency.

Safety Measurements:

Working with the A06B-6089-H204 servo amplifier module requires safety and care. All power supply connections must be disconnected before any servicing or maintenance while attempting to modify its circuitry should not be done under any circumstances as it can lead to potentially serious consequences.

To ensure a safe and effective operation, it is imperative to install the module according to manufacturer guidelines and never exceed advised parameters.

Additionally, only trained technicians should maintain or service the equipment - During handling operations, all personnel should use the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Regular inspections are necessary to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the A06B-6089-H204 servo amplifier module.

Examine it for signs of wear or damage, such as frayed wires or worn parts. If found, replace them immediately to prevent accidents that could cause injury or harm to property.

If an issue arises with the module's performance €“ disconnect power immediately and contact qualified personnel to identify the root cause and complete proper repairs quickly.