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ABB ACS150-03U-03A3-4

Abb Acs150-03U-03A3-4

ABB ACS150-03U-03A3-4

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  • ACS15003U03A34
  • 3 PHASE
  • 380-480VAC INPUT
  • 50/60HZ
  • 6AMP
  • 0-500 HZ OUTPUT
  • 3.3 AMP
  • 1.1 KW / 1.5 HP

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.


ABB ACS150-03U-03A3-4

The ACS150-03U-03A3-4 model is a compact and user-friendly variable frequency drive (VFD) manufactured by ABB. It offers precise control over the speed and torque of three-phase AC induction motors.

Technical details:

It operates with an input voltage of 200-240 VAC, with a tolerance of ±10%. The drive is compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz power systems, with a frequency tolerance of ±5%.

Regarding output power, the ACS150-03U-03A3-4 delivers a maximum power of 0.75 kW, equivalent to 1 horsepower (HP). The output current of the drive is rated at 3.6 Amps, allowing it to control the operation of three-phase AC induction motors efficiently.

The drive is designed to handle varying loads and offers overload capacity for short durations. The drive can handle an overload of up to 150% of its rated output power for one minute and up to 200% for three seconds, ensuring reliable performance even during temporary high-demand situations.

The drive offers multiple control modes, including V/Hz control, voltage ramp, constant torque, and variable torque, providing flexibility for different operational requirements.

Installation and Connectivity:

The ACS150-03U-03A3-4 drive is designed with a comprehensive set of input/output terminals. These terminals are clearly labeled, enabling users to quickly and accurately connect the drive to various components such as the power supply, motor, control signals, and auxiliary devices. This straightforward wiring setup ensures efficient and reliable connections.

The VDF features a built-in control panel with a user-friendly keypad for easy setup and operation. This keypad allows users to conveniently program various parameters, initiate start and stop commands, and monitor critical operational parameters. The intuitive interface enhances usability and streamlines the configuration process.

Furthermore, the drive supports external control options for different automation needs. It can interface with digital I/O signals, analog control signals (ranging from 0-10 VDC to 4-20 mA), and Fieldbus communication interfaces such as Modbus and Profibus. This versatility enables integration with external control systems, providing enhanced flexibility and compatibility with different control setups and protocols.

The ACS150-03U-03A3-4 model provides convenient programming tools for configuration. Users can program and configure the drive using the built-in control panel or PC-based software tools like Drive Composer.

Monitoring and Diagnostics:

The drive maintains a comprehensive fault and alarm log to facilitate troubleshooting. This log records faults or alarms, enabling users to identify and address issues quickly. You can access the log by using the control panel or communication interfaces.

While the model ACS150-03U-03A3-4 has minimal maintenance requirements, periodic checks are still recommended to ensure optimal performance. These checks typically involve inspecting the cooling system, electrical connections, and ventilation. By conducting regular maintenance tasks, potential problems can be detected early on, preventing more significant issues from arising.

The drive prioritizes motor and drive protection by incorporating multiple safety features. Motor overload protection prevents excessive strain on the motor, while short circuit protection safeguards against electrical faults. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection mechanisms ensure the drive operates within safe voltage limits. Additionally, phase loss protection detects any irregularities in the power supply, while overtemperature protection prevents overheating.

An important safety feature of the model ACS150-03U-03A3-4 is its Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality. This feature disconnects motor torque when stopping the drive, adding an extra layer of safety during maintenance tasks and emergencies. With STO, users can work on the drive or respond to emergencies without worrying about unexpected motor movements or hazardous conditions.