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Allen-Bradley 1756-OX8I

Allen-Bradley 1756-Ox8I
Allen-Bradley 1756-Ox8I

Allen-Bradley 1756-OX8I

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    • 1756OX8I
    • 8 CHANNEL
    • NO/NC
    • 5-125VDC
    • 125/240VAC

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    Buying Options

    All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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    All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.


    The Allen-Bradley 1756-OX8I relay output module has 8 independently separated normally open (NO) and 8 normally closed (NC) connections.

    Operating voltage ratings for the 1756-OX8I relay output module range from 10 to 240V ac and 5 to 135V dc. It dissipates 10.57 BTU of heat per hour and has a current contact range of 0.5 to 1.5 A. Each module's eight independently separated outputs can accommodate loads up to 10 mA in current.

    The 1756-OX8I relay output module is programmable via the Logix Designer software and configurable using Logix5000 controllers, ensuring a constant flow of output commands across a ControlLogix system comprising devices, removable terminal blocks (RTBs), adapters, and I/O modules and controllers. Its status indicators also reveal the module's and the system's state.

    The 1756-OX8I module may be installed using rack-optimized or direct connection choices, and its remote connections can be made via Internet Protocol (IP), ControlNet, or EtherNet network options. It may be placed on a local 1756 chassis and can accept module setup and operation orders from a single Logix5000 controller. It is excellent for relaying operation and configuration data between controllers and other devices inside a ControlLogix system.

    The 1756-OX8I ControlLogix relay output module's fault-reporting and diagnostic functions help it meet safety standards. It provides various installation choices without interfering with system functionality during installation or detachment. The module must be used within its power rating limit and in a space free of corrosive gases to avoid physical damage.

    This module has contact outputs. Thus each contact may be independently connected with a voltage between 10 and 240V ac and 5 and 125V dc. As a result, the module may energize output devices that operate at various voltage levels. Output devices such as variable-frequency drives, contactors, pilot lights, motor starters, annunciator panels, and sound devices are a few of the loads that can be attached to this module.

    This module has independently isolated output channels, but it also has a non-isolated relay output wiring option. This is accomplished by using 1756-JMPR or another jumper conductor to short the RTB's L1 connections.

    The 1756-TBCH and 1756-TBS6H RTBs can be used with this relay output module. These modules must be purchased individually. RTBs enable output termination to be modularized and facilitate module installation, troubleshooting, and replacement. RTBs stop output signal termination or rewiring.

    The maximum initial contact resistance for each module is 100 mΩ at 6 V, 1 A. Additionally, it has a 1 operation switching frequency per 3 seconds and a mean bounce time of 1.2 milliseconds (0.3 Hz at rated load).

    ManufacturerIndustrial Automation
    Part Number/Catalog No.1756-OX8I
    Outputs8-Point Individually Isolated
    Module TypeIsolated Relay Output Module
    Output Current2, 0.5, 0.25 Amps
    Contact OutputForm C contacts
    Operating Voltage10-265 Volts AC, 5-150 Volts DC
    Initial Contact Resistance100 m? @ 6V 1 A
    Maximum Switching frequency1 operation/3 s (0.3 Hz at rated load)
    Mean Bounce Time1.2 ms
    Removeable Terminal Block(s)1756-TBCH, 1756-TBS6H
    Maximum Output Delay Time13 milliseconds
    Expected contact life300 kHz resistive; 100 kHz inductive
    Backplane Current at 5 Volts100 mA
    Power Dissipation (Max)3.1 Watts at 60 Celsius
    Isolation Voltage250V (continuous), basic insulation type, outputs-to- backplane, and output-to-output