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Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS20CGP

Allen-Bradley 1783-Bms20Cgp Surplus Original Box Plc
Allen-Bradley 1783-Bms20Cgp
Allen-Bradley 1783-Bms20Cgp
Allen-Bradley 1783-Bms20Cgp

Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS20CGP

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Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS20CGP

The Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS20CGP switch is a robust and versatile network switch designed for industrial applications. Manufactured by Allen-Bradley, this switch is part of the Stratix 5700 series. It is engineered to provide reliable and high-performance network connectivity in harsh environments. With its conformal coating, the model is protected against dust, moisture, and high temperatures.

Technical Description:

The 1783-BMS20CGP switch offers a comprehensive set of features tailored for industrial networking. It is a managed Ethernet switch, ensuring efficient network management and enhanced performance. The switch includes a total of 20 ports, with 16 RJ45 ports for standard Ethernet connections.

Additionally, it is equipped with 2 fiber ports and 2 combo ports, supporting both copper and fiber Ethernet. The fiber ports support Fast Ethernet over fiber cables, while the copper ports support Fast Ethernet over copper Ethernet cables.

The switch comes with full firmware, ensuring optimal performance and security. It supports Device Level Ring (DLR) technology, which helps optimize the network architecture and provides consolidated network diagnostics.

DLR is crucial for applications requiring resiliency, allowing multi-port network devices to form a ring topology that provides alternate data routes in case of ring breaks. The switch also supports CIP sync (IEEE 1588) for precise timing across network devices.

Environmental Specifications:

The 1783-BMS20CGP switch is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. It operates efficiently within a temperature range of -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and can be stored at temperatures ranging from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The switch can handle a relative humidity range of 5 to 95 percent, non-condensing. The conformal coating on the switch enhances its durability by protecting against dust, moisture, and high temperatures. The switch is rated for Class A emissions and offers ESD immunity with ratings of 8 kilovolts of contact discharges and 15 kilovolts of air discharges.

Standard Operating Instructions:

When installing the 1783-BMS20CGP switch, ensure that the input voltage is between 12 and 48 Volts DC. The dimensions of the switch are 5.1 x 5 x 5.3 inches, and it weighs approximately 4.5 pounds. The model must be operated by a highly trained technician in order to get the maximum performance.

Mount the switch securely in a well-ventilated area to allow for proper heat dissipation. Connect the power supply and network cables to their respective ports. Configure the switch settings using the management interface to optimize network performance and security.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What connectivity options does the 1783-BMS20CGP switch offer?

The 1783-BMS20CGP switch offers 20 ports. It includes 16 RJ45 ports, 2 fiber ports, and 2 combo ports. These ports support Fast Ethernet over copper and fiber cables.

What environmental conditions can the 1783-BMS20CGP switch withstand?

The 1783-BMS20CGP switch operates in temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be stored at temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. It supports 5 to 95 percent relative humidity, non-condensing.

What is the power input requirement for the 1783-BMS20CGP switch?

The 1783-BMS20CGP switch requires an input voltage between 12 and 48 Volts DC. Ensure proper voltage to maintain optimal performance. Proper power input is crucial for the switch's operation.

Product Specifications Table:

Attribute Specifications
Series Stratix 5700
Product Type Managed Ethernet Switch
No. of Ports 20
RJ45 Ports 16
Fiber Ports 2
Combo Ports 2
Operating Temperature -40 to 140°F
Input Voltage 12 to 48 V DC
Dimensions 5.1 x 5 x 5.3 inches
Weight 4.5 pounds

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The Allen-Bradley 1783-BMS20CGP Ethernet Switch, part of the Stratix 5700 series, is designed for enhanced network performance and reliability in industrial environments. It includes 16 copper 10/100 ports, 2 combo ports (copper or SFP slot)10/100/1000, and 2 SFP slots for varied connectivity options. With full FW and 1588 PTP capabilities, it's ideally suited for precise time-sensitive applications.

Technical Specifications for 1783-BMS20CGP

The 1783-BMS20CGP operates effectively with a 24/48 VDC power supply, and a wider range of 12/60 VDC, catering to diverse industrial power requirements. It comes equipped with full software support and CIP sync for streamlined network management and synchronization tasks.

Environmental Requirements for Operation and Setup

This Ethernet switch is designed for robust performance in tough industrial settings. While specific operating and installation conditions are not detailed, Allen-Bradley products are known for their durability and reliability across various environmental conditions. Its design often accommodates a wide range of temperatures and can withstand the rigors of industrial operational demands.

Product Components and Software

The 1783-BMS20CGP is geared with advanced networking capabilities suitable for modern industrial environments. While specific parts and software details are not available, users can expect state-of-the-art technology typical of Allen-Bradley's high standards, providing reliable network management and security features.

Advanced Protective Measures

Allen-Bradley's 1783-BMS20CGP is built with various protective measures to assure continuous operation and protect against potential network threats. Detailed safety features include network segmentation, traffic control, and prioritization to enhance security and reliability of your industrial automation systems.

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