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Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8

Allen-Bradley 1794-Ie8

Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8

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  • 1794IE8
  • FLEX I/O
  • 60 MA
  • 24 VOLT DC
  • FLEXBUS: 5 VDC / 15 MA

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8 is a high-density analog input module designed for flexibility and performance in your control systems. Developed by Rockwell Automation, this Flex I/O module offers precision in the measurement of analog signals, accommodating a variety of input types. Ideal for applications requiring exact data collection, the 1794-IE8 ensures reliability and accuracy in monitoring and control processes.

Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8 Technical Specifications

Manufacturered by Rockwell Automation under the Allen-Bradley brand, the 1794-IE8 is categorized as a Flex IO High Density Analog Input Module. It supports eight (8) single-ended inputs with input types including 0 to 20 mA; 4 to 20 mA; +/- 10VDC; and 0 to 10 VDC, ensuring versatile compatibility. The module operates on successive approximation conversion type and handles data in a 16 bit 2’s complement, left justified format.

The 1794-IE8 module features a 12 bits unipolar voltage resolution and an 11 bits plus sign bipolar for current, ensuring precise measurement and minimal error margins. Supporting terminal bases include 1794-TB2, 1794-TB3, and others within the series, offering flexibility in installation. The module is also equipped with one green/red power/status indicator for easy monitoring.

Setup and Operating Climate Conditions

Operating optimally within a temperature range of 0 to 55 °C (32 to 131 °F) and capable of being stored from -40...85 °C (-40...185 °F), the 1794-IE8 is designed for resilience. Its vibration resistance up to 5g from 10 to 500 Hz further underscores its durability in varied operational environments. For mounting, this module adheres to the practicality of DIN Rail installation, allowing for streamlined integration into control systems.

Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8 Components and Configuration

The 1794-IE8 module boasts a comprehensive design facilitating seamless integration and operational efficiency. Its diverse input range and high-level precision are complemented by the robust external DC supply compatibility of 10.0…31.2V DC, which incorporates a 5% AC ripple. This functionality caters adeptly to industrial automation needs, ensuring the module's reliability and performance.

Enhanced Protective Measures

Incorporating advanced protective features, the 1794-IE8 ensures safe and secure operations. The module's design mitigates risks associated with electrical interferences and operational anomalies, fostering a safe environment for critical control system functionalities.

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