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Allen-Bradley 2094-BM05-S

Allen-Bradley 2094-Bm05-S
Allen-Bradley 2094-Bm05-S

Allen-Bradley 2094-BM05-S

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Allen-Bradley 2094-BM05-S

The Allen-Bradley 2094-BM05-S is an integral part of the Kinetix 6000 Multi-Axis Drive Servo system, designed for cutting-edge motion control applications. This axis module supports high-performance servo operations, boosting accurate control and coordination of multiple axes in industrial automation systems.

Technical Features:

Operating with a nominal drive voltage range of 360 to 480 volts (3-phase), it fits within the 400V voltage class. This module is devised to deliver a continuous power output of 22.0 kW, making it suitable for high-performance applications.

The module can handle a peak current of 69.2 A, ensuring it can cope with short-term demands without compromising performance. It also features a continuous sine output current of 48.9 A, providing stable and consistent power delivery during operation. The standard continuous output current is rated at 34.6 A, demonstrating its ability to maintain reliable performance under continuous use.

A key feature of the 2094-BM05-S is its internal shunt system, which is paramount in managing excess energy. The internal shunt can handle peak power up to 22.5 kW, allowing the system to dissipate significant energy during peak loads. For continuous operations, the internal shunt is rated at 200 watts, ensuring efficient energy management during protracted use.

Weighing approximately 11.0 lbs (4.98 kg), the 2094-BM05-S is relatively lightweight, making it easier to install and integrate into existing systems. Its rugged design and efficient energy management capabilities make it a reliable choice for complicated and dynamic manufacturing processes.

Safety Features:

The Allen Bradley 2094-BM05-S Drive integrates several critical safety features to safeguard equipment and operators. One of the key components is its advanced safety motion control, which enhances machine efficiency, minimizes downtime and reduces production waste.

The safe torque-off function is particularly notable, as it deactivates the drive output by cutting motor torque in less than 25 milliseconds, preventing the need to shut down the entire machine. This module can also handle up to 200% continuous inverter current, with a default peak current setting of 150%, providing robust performance and safety in various industrial applications.

Safety Measures for Operation:

When handling the Allen-Bradley 2094-BM05-S, it is crucial to observe specific safety protection to avoid severe injury or even death. The capacitors on the DC bus can retain hazardous voltages even after the input power is disconnected.

To ensure the safe operation of the 2094-BM05-S Drive, do not attempt to bypass or turn off the drive fault circuits. It is essential to identify and resolve the cause of any faults before operating the system again. Ignoring this can lead to uncontrolled machine operation, resulting in potential personal injury or equipment deterioration.

When troubleshooting the 2094-BM05-S using test equipment such as an oscilloscope, it is essential to provide an earth ground for the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the efficiency of the Allen-Bradley 2094-BM05-S Drive?

The 2094-BM05-S Drive puffs an impressive efficiency of 98%. This high efficiency ensures that the drive operates with minimal energy loss, improving overall system performance and reducing operational costs.

What is the nominal input voltage for the 2094-BM05-S?

The nominal input voltage for the 2094-BM05-S Drive is 650 Volts DC. This input voltage rating is vital for the proper functioning of the drive and ensures that it can handle the required power levels for various industrial applications.

What is the capacitance value of the 2094-BM05-S AM Drive?

The 2094-BM05-S Drive has a capacitance value of 1175 µF. This capacitance is crucial for the drive's ability to store and discharge electrical energy efficiently, contributing to its overall performance and reliability in various industrial applications.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specifications
Series Kinetix 6000
Horsepower 29.5 HP (22 kW)
Voltage 460V AC, 360-480V (3-phase)
Capacitance Value 1175 µF
Communication Interface Ethernet/IP, SERCOS
Software Compatibility RSLogix 5000
Efficiency 98%
Control Method Safe Torque-Off, Safe Speed Monitor
Input/Output Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
Mounting Type Panel mount

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