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Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114

Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114

Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114

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Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114

The Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114 is an adjustable frequency AC drive from the renowned PowerFlex 525 series by Rockwell Automation. This drive offers robust performance and advanced features for motor control.

Ideal for environments that require precise modulation of motor speed, the model is especially suitable for use in conveyors, pumps, and fans. Its user-friendly design and versatile functionality make it a preferred choice for industries aiming to enhance operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Technical Details:

The 25B-D030N114 operates on a 3-phase input voltage ranging from 380-480V AC and delivers a maximum output current of 30 A. This drive supports normal duty (ND) and heavy-duty (HD) ratings, with a normal duty output rating of 20 HP and a heavy-duty output rating of 15 HP. The drive's output voltage ranges from 0 to 230V AC, making it highly adaptable to various motor control needs.

Equipped with an integral EMC filter and brake mechanism, the 25B-D030N114 ensures cost-effective operation and compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards. It features an embedded Ethernet I/P communication interface and an RS485/DSI communication port, facilitating seamless integration and control within industrial networks. The drive can be configured and operated using the embedded keypad and an LCD readout, offering a straightforward and intuitive user experience.

The 25B-D030N114 supports a wide selection of programmable control methods, including Sinusoidal PWM, Volts/Hertz, Sensorless Vector Control, Economizer SVC motor control, Closed Loop Velocity Vector Control, and various types of Permanent Magnet Motor Control. An encoder can further enhance these control methods, providing precise and efficient motor control.

Installation Guide:

Installing the Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114 involves several critical steps to ensure optimal performance and safety. Begin by selecting a location accessible from dust, moisture, and direct sunlight, providing the area is well-ventilated. The drive should be mounted upright on a flat, vertical, and level surface. It supports zero-stacking installation, which maximizes enclosure space and reduces installation costs.

For wiring, connect the 3-phase AC input power to terminals L1, L2, and L3, ensuring secure connections. The motor leads should be connected to T1, T2, and T3 terminals. Grounding is essential; connect the ground terminal to a suitable ground point to ensure safety and minimize electrical noise.

The drive's embedded Ethernet I/P communication port allows easy integration with existing network systems, and the multiple language integral LCD Human-Machine Interface can be used for local operation and configuration.


Safety is a paramount concern when handling the Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114. Before commencing any installation or maintenance work, ensuring that the drive's capacitors are fully discharged is crucial. After disconnecting power, please wait at least three minutes to allow the capacitors to discharge and verify the DC bus voltage to ensure it is safe.

Only trained and qualified personnel should perform installation, startup, and maintenance tasks to prevent injuries and equipment damage. Proper ESD precautions must be observed to avoid damaging sensitive components. Additionally, the drive should not be installed in environments with excessive dust, corrosive gases, or extreme temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the normal duty and heavy-duty ratings for the Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114 drive?

In the Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114 frequency drive, the normal duty rating is 20 HP, and the heavy-duty rating is 15 HP.

Does the 25B-D030N114 support Ethernet communication?

Yes, the Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114 drive includes an embedded Ethernet I/P communication interface for easy network integration.

What control methods does the Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114 support?

The Allen-Bradley 25B-D030N114 frequency drive supports Sinusoidal PWM, Volts/Hertz, Sensor less Vector Control, Economizer SVC motor control, Closed Loop Velocity Vector Control, and Permanent Magnet Motor Control.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specifications
Series PowerFlex 525 Drive
Enclosure Type IP20 NEMA / Open Type
Interface Module Standard
Normal Duty (ND) Power Rating 20 HP
Installation Panel Mount / DIN Rail
Built-in communication port Ethernet I/PV
Output Current 30.0 A
Heavy Duty (HD) Power Rating 15 HP
Voltage Phase Three Phase
Input Voltage 323-528 VAC

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