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Siemens 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0

Allen-Bradley 6Au1425-2Ad00-0Aa0

Siemens 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0

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  • SIMOTION D425-2

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Siemens 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0

The Siemens 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0 is a programmable motion controller manufactured by Siemens AG. It belongs to the SIMOTION D motion control system, designed for complex motion control applications across various industries. This controller offers advanced features and capabilities to facilitate precise motion control in manufacturing, robotics, and automation settings.

Technical Specifications:

The 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0 programmable motion controller boasts several technical specifications to support its performance. It offers a RAM (work memory) capacity of 64 MB, allowing for efficient data processing and storage during operation.

Additionally, it provides an additional 20 MB of RAM work memory specifically designated for Java applications, enabling the execution of Java-based functions seamlessly. The controller includes a RAM disk (load memory) with a capacity of 31 MB, serving as a temporary storage area for loading and accessing data during runtime.

The controller 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0 offers 364 kB for retentive memory, ensuring the preservation of critical information even during power loss or system shutdown. The persistent memory, which stores user data on CF (CompactFlash) cards, offers a significant capacity of 300 MB, enabling the retention of extensive user-specific information.

Regarding motion control capabilities, the 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0 supports up to 16 axes, providing flexibility for controlling multiple axes simultaneously. The controller also features impressive cycle clock times to ensure precise and timely communication.

The minimum PROFIBUS cycle clock is set at 1 ms, while the minimum PROFINET sends cycle clock is 0.25 ms, allowing for efficient data exchange in PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.

Furthermore, the minimum interpolator and servo cycle clock are set at 0.5 ms, ensuring accurate interpolation and smooth servo control for precise motion execution.

In terms of power supply, the 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0 operates within a rated voltage of 24 V, with a minimum voltage requirement of 20.4 V and a maximum permissible voltage of 28.8 V. These specifications collectively contribute to the reliable and efficient performance of the Siemens SIMOTION D425-2 DP/PN motion controller.

The controller is programmed using the Scout engineering system, which provides a comprehensive set of tools for programming, configuring, and monitoring motion control applications. It offers advanced motion control functionalities such as precise positioning, speed control, torque control, and synchronized motion control for multiple axes.

Ambient Conditions:

The 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0 controller is designed to operate within specific ambient conditions, ensuring its optimal performance and reliability. The ambient temperature ranges vary depending on different operational phases.

During long-term storage, the controller can withstand temperatures ranging from -25 to +55 °C (-13 to +131 °F). It can endure even wider temperature ranges of -40 to +70 °C (-40 to +158 °F) for transportation.

General Instructions:

Before installation or maintenance, ensure all power sources are disconnected and properly isolated. Avoid contact with live components or terminals when handling the 6AU1425-2AD00-0AA0 controller.

Properly ground and shield the motion controller and associated equipment to minimize the risk of electrical interference or damage caused by electromagnetic fields. Ensure the motion controller is securely mounted and installed stably to prevent vibrations or unintended movement.

Regularly inspect the motion controller for signs of damage, wear, or abnormal operation. Perform routine maintenance to keep the controller in optimal condition.

Ensure compatibility and proper configuration to prevent malfunctions or operational errors. Implement and configure these functions according to the specific safety requirements of the application. Regularly test and verify the effectiveness of the safety functions.