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Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA

Allen-Bradley Mpl-B330P-Mj22Aa

Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA

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Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA

The Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA is a high-performance permanent magnet servo motor part of the MP series and is known for its low inertia and robust capabilities. This brushless AC servo motor is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern motion control systems.

Electrical Specifications:

The Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA offers a rated speed of 5000 revolutions per minute (RPM), making it suitable for applications requiring high-speed precision and efficiency.

Regarding electrical specifications, the motor has a continuous current rating of 6.1 Amps and a nominal voltage rating of 460 Volts AC. It delivers an output power of 1.8 kilowatts, and its winding torque is rated at 37 pound-inches, reflecting its capability to handle significant mechanical loads.

The motor operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius (32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius (-22 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit). It also supports a non-condensing operating humidity range of 5 to 95%, ensuring reliable performance in various climatic conditions.

The Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA incorporates a premium rare-earth magnetic rotor, which, coupled with innovative winding technology, delivers up to 40% more torque than conventional motors. This design enhancement also contributes to better heat dissipation, enabling the motor to maintain optimal performance even under demanding conditions.

Physical Specifications:

Physically, the motor has a frame size of 100 millimeters in diameter, making it compact yet powerful. The magnetic stack length of the motor is 3 inches, which contributes to its low inertia characteristics, allowing for quick acceleration and deceleration.

The motor is equipped with a horizontal shaft that includes a shaft key for secure and precise mechanical connection. Notably, this model does not include a shaft seal, which may be a consideration depending on the application's environmental conditions.

The Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA features circular bayonet connectors, specifically the SpeedTEC type, which facilitate quick and reliable cable connections. These connectors are positioned facing the shaft, providing flexible cabling orientations and enhancing ease of installation and maintenance.

Certified by CSA, CE, and UL, the motor meets international safety and performance standards, making it a reliable choice for global applications. This motor's robust construction and advanced features make it an ideal component for high-performance motion control systems, providing precision and durability.

Safety Precautions:

When working with the Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA or any electrical equipment, observing safety precautions is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure operational integrity. Firstly, before handling or maintenance tasks, it's essential to power off and lock out the motor to avoid accidental start-ups that could lead to injury or equipment damage.

When operating the Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA, monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity to ensure they are within specified ranges. Operating outside these parameters could affect the motor's performance and longevity. Regularly inspect the motor and its surroundings for wear, damage, or abnormal operating conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

At what voltage does the Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA servo motor operate?

The Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA operates at a voltage class of 400 Volts AC, making it suitable for applications requiring high-power performance and efficiency in industrial settings.

What is the IP rating of the Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA?

The Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA is designed with an IP 55 enclosure rating, indicating that it is protected against dust and limited moisture ingress and is suitable for various industrial environments.

What is notable about the encoder system in the Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA?

One of the standout features of the Allen-Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ22AA is its multi-turn high-resolution encoder, which provides up to 1024 counts per revolution. This feature ensures smooth and precise control over motor movements, essential for tasks requiring high accuracy.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specifications
Series MPL series
Voltage 200 VAC
Frame size 63 mm
Maximum Speed 5000 RPM
Ambient temperature 0 to 40°C
Horsepower 2.4 Hp
Brake Not Available
Rated Power 1.8 W
Mounting type IEC metric
Product Status Active

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