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Mitsubishi F940GOT-SWD

Mitsubishi F940Got-Swd

Mitsubishi F940GOT-SWD

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  • F940GOTSWD

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The F940GOT-SWD model is a top-of-the-line Mitsubishi GOT, offering superior compatibility with many PLC models. Optimized for installations requiring high durability and protection from dust or liquids, this unit features an IP65f equivalent rating and a buzzer alarm system to detect errors or malfunctions. Added convenience comes in the form of two 9-pin ports - one male RS-232C serial interface port and one female RS–422 serial interface port.

Technical Specification (F940GOT-SWD):

The model F940GOT-SWD ensures reliable operation with an integrated, non-replaceable fuse and a momentary power outage tolerance of 5 milliseconds. For efficient performance, the controller requires a 24 VDC voltage supply rated at 10 to 15 percent accuracy - when the backlight is deactivated, the current consumed by this module registers 410 A @24V DC. The installation process includes attaching it to the top of the control or operations panel for programmable controllers' programming port access.

The F940GOT-SWD model is reliable and boasts enviable specifications such as a 500V AC withstanding capability for one minute between all power terminals and the ground terminal. Additionally, it features an impact resistance of 147 m/s2 and noise voltage immunity up to 1000 VP-p. Finally, its insulating resistance reaches a minimum of 5 Mohms when measured using an equipped megger at 500 VDC across all power terminals connecting back into the ground terminal.

The F940GOT-SWD model packs an impressive lithium battery component, estimated to retain a full lifespan of 5 years. This product boasts a durable STN-type dot matrix LCD with dual tonal capabilities (black/white). Its wide viewing angle allows for the fluid display of images up to 320 x 240 mm in size, and the temperature range ensures over 500,000 hours of service life at 25 degrees Celsius.

Operating Conditions:

For optimal performance, the model F940GOT-SWD must be used in an environment free from lamp black, corrosive gases, or combustible vapors and with electroconductivity dust levels sufficiently low. Furthermore, direct sunlight should not fall on it at any point. An ideal temperature for operation is between 0 to 50 degrees Centigrade, while relative humidity should stay above 35 percent but below 85 - no condensation tolerated.

Standard Wiring Cautions:

The PLC will require the model F940GOT-SWD to be connected securely to a ground terminal for power to be supplied. To achieve this, link the model's grounding connection directly with an external power supply's grounding connector. It is essential that only direct current (DC) electricity powers these connections; otherwise, failure of the system may occur if alternating currents are used instead.

When wiring or drilling screw holes into the device, care must also be taken. Fragments can easily enter any ventilation window and cause damage within your circuit board setup. When wiring or installing any components near the main circuit and power line, keep them at least 100 millimeters apart for maximum safety. Ensure that the DC power's +/- terminals connect properly -, and incorrectly hooked-up cable could lead to malfunctioning equipment.

Switch off all power phases before beginning installation; then connect wires securely into their respective connectors with no current running through them for added security measures. Finally, attach a 2 A fuse to your 24 V DC supply to ensure complete protection from potential electrical surges during operation.