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FANUC A06B-0078-B403

Fanuc A06B-0078-B403
Fanuc A06B-0078-B403
Fanuc A06B-0078-B403

FANUC A06B-0078-B403

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-0078-B403

This AC Servo Motor A06B-0078-B403 provides a powerful and cost-efficient positioning solution for industrial machinery, machine tools, and peripheral devices. This motor offers impressive features, making it a great choice for many applications.

Enjoy unmatched accuracy and reliability in the motor with the state-of-the-art pulse coder that offers an unprecedented 32,768 points of resolution per revolution.

Technical Description of A06B-0078-B403:

The model A06B-0078-B403 leverages 11 Nm of torque through 10 A of current, protecting the motor from potential overheating by regularly assessing for any abnormal currents.

This high-performance A06B-0078-B403 motor can offer up to 2000 rotations per minute and 133 Hz of frequency. It's fitted with an oil seal around the shaft, ensuring nothing foreign enters the engine while it runs at peak capacity.

The A06B AC Servo Motor packs a punch, boasting an impressive 1.8 kW power output and 8 A current draw €“ all while staying compact thanks to its state-of-the-art magnet design and larger frame.

This model A06B-0078-B403 features an F-class insulation with a remarkable 98% power factor. Its servo motor is equipped with precise detection capabilities, making precision in installation and assembly essential for optimal performance. This servo motor is designed to operate in environments up to IP67 and provides excellent durability. It requires 3-phase power of 200 - 240 V AC for uninterrupted operation.

Ambient Conditions:

You can install the A06B-0078-B403 motor at locations up to a height of 1,000 meters above sea level to achieve exceptional performance. As long as the temperatures lower by one degree Celsius for every 100-meter increase beyond the maximum limit of 1000 m, there is no need for special care for installations at even higher altitudes.

To maintain optimal performance, keep the ambient temperature of motor A06B-0078-B403 between -10 and 40°C. Reduce the output power if you are operating at temperatures higher than that range..

To ensure optimal performance, the motor A06B-0078-B403 should be kept between -20 °C and +60° C. For maximum protection from dust or other small particles, store it indoors in a controlled environment.

General Safety Precautions:

The motor A06B-0078-B403 connected to a power line can become dangerously hot. Sparks may ignite any flammable material placed too close, potentially leading to serious consequences such as explosions or fires. Before using the machine, properly ground the grounding terminal in the box to protect against electric shocks.

Shield the motor A06B-0078-B403 with a cover to protect it from the fluid or lubricant and minimize wetting of its surface. Unfortunately, even though an extended telescopic cover may help minimize leakage, complete prevention is still impossible.

For successful and safe movement of the motor, it is important to take measures that avoid the potential for damage. Please do not use a hanging bolt as it can weaken or break itself and the motor through over-exertion. Additionally, applying too much pressure on its windings runs the risk of fracturing them - or, worse still, damaging their insulation integrity.

Before powering up the A06B-0078-B403 motor, securely contain all materials. A rotating part of the machinery could snag any loose fabric or fingers that come too close - so stay aware.