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Mitsubishi HF-SP5024K

Mitsubishi Hf-Sp5024K

Mitsubishi HF-SP5024K

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  • HFSP5024K
  • 2000 RPM
  • 5 KW
  • 24 AMP
  • 400 V
  • TORQUE 23.9 NM
  • 0 TO 40 °C
  • IP67

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The HF-SP5024K servo motor from Mitsubishi is an innovative machine featuring a shaft with keyways and a special sealing ring. It boasts 262144 pulses per revolution, much like absolute or incremental encoders. Powered by a three-phase 380V - 480 VAC voltage rating, this advanced model provides unparalleled accuracy in motion control applications.

Technical Details of HF-SP5024K

The HF-SP5024K motor is a robust system, rated with a dust and water resistance level of IP67 and an insulation grade of 130 (F). Boasting 19.2 kW/s at continuous torque output capability, this model provides an impressive 0.5 KW power rate that runs unnoticeably low on current usage—only 2.9 A. Additionally, the housing framework was designed to ensure natural cooling for optimal performance without worrying about heat overload considerations.

The model’s impressive combination of low moment inertia and capacity is indicative of its lightweight construction, allowing it to operate at the maximum speed permitted - 1725 RPM. To accommodate this stress-free operation, the HF-SP5024K boasts an impressively low 11.9 x 10-4 kgm2 moment of inertia with a load inherent that must be no more than 15 times greater than that required by this servo motor.

The HF-SP5024K model features a torque power of 4.77 Newton meters and promises 1000 revolutions per minute, delivering exceptional performance until the voltage to its power source declines; at that point, the reliable output speed is no longer guaranteed. For high-precision operations, the compatible drive unit for this model is MR-J3-60A/B/B-RJ006/T.

The motor offers a maximum speed of 1,500 revolutions per minute and requires 8.7 A current with a torque reading of 14.3 Newton meters—ideal for completing delicate tasks efficiently while remaining compact in size. The reliable HFSP5024K model shaft guarantees an impressive 980 N radial stress capacity and 490 N thrust force threshold to ensure safe operation at all times.

Environmental Conditions

For optimal performance, the HF-SP5024K model should not be used above 2,000 meters in elevation as its functionality may become compromised. This servo motor is designed to operate efficiently within a range of 10 - 80 percent relative non-condensing humidity and 0 - +40 degrees Celsius temperatures. The ideal home for your HF-SP5024K servo motor requires a temperature between -15 and +70°C, while relative humidity levels should remain within 10 to 90 percent.

This model is designed exclusively for indoor usage in an environment clear of dust or gas particles for optimal performance. Ensure you read all instructions carefully before any attempt at installation, usage of operational techniques, or inspections are completed.

Standard Installation Guidelines

Properly installing the servo motor HF-SP5024K requires caution and attention. Utilize spring washers and a torque wrench to ensure that vibration does not cause nuts to become loose during operation, risking damage from an improperly fastened servo motor. Make sure also that when raising this device with its lifting eyebolts, they should only be used for transporting the entire system itself—never move it within another machine in use. Taking all these precautions ensures the safety of both personnel and equipment alike.

When installing the HF-SP5024K servo motor, ensure there is adequate leeway in its wiring to allow for installation at a vertical or angled orientation. Furthermore, avoid placing it anywhere where pressure on the shaft through part could potentially occur, as this carries the risk of damage. Instead, opt for an appropriately structured location that has been adequately secured before use, and refrain from blowing into any component areas within the servo motor itself.