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Mitsubishi HG-KR23K

Mitsubishi Hg-Kr23K

Mitsubishi HG-KR23K

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  • HGKR23K
  • 200 WATTS
  • 1.3 AMPS
  • 3K RPM

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The HG-KR23K servo motor from Mitsubishi is a powerful, general-purpose motor that can accurately detect precise motion. It boasts an impressive 22-bit encoder with 4194304 pulses per revolution and features a rugged housing to ensure reliable operation in extreme conditions. Rated up to IP65 for dust proofing protection and 130(B) insulation against electrical shock, this model delivers robustness.

The HG-KR23K model is enclosed in a protective housing, cleverly capitalizing on natural cooling mechanisms to remain efficient even under the highest temperatures. Additionally, it boasts a low moment of inertia while delivering generous levels of torque, providing optimal performance and reliability for applications across multiple industries.

Technical Specifications of HG-KR23K

The HG-KR23K servo motor shaft is ready to transfer force with its keyways. An oil seal for this model can be acquired optionally. Its AC design delivers up to 0.2 kW of continuous power and an impressive 0.64 Nm torque output, consuming a rated current of 1.3 A in the process.

The HG-KR23K servo motor has an impressive power rating of 18.3 kilowatts per second (kW/s) and boasts a maximum speed capacity higher than its rated speed at 3000 revolutions per minute, up to 6000 rpm. Despite the powerful output torque, variable changes in voltage can limit this performance, presenting obstacles between desired motion control outcomes and actual results achieved.

The HG-KR23K servo motor is a powerful piece of machinery, capable of reaching 6900 revolutions per minute while sustaining significant radial and thrust vibrations. With its lightweight 1.3 kilogram frame and torque generating capabilities up to 2.2 Newton meters, the motor draws up to 4.6 amps from its current source for maximum efficiency performance—all with an optimal load inertia/servomotor shaft ratio bound by 26 or less.

Standard Operating and Installation Ambient Conditions

For optimal performance, the HG-KR23K servo motor should only be installed indoors in ideal environmental conditions. It must be shielded from corrosive and hazardous elements such as gases, oil spray, or dust. This highly efficient model requires controlled temperatures between 0 - 40°C and a relative humidity level of 10 - 80% to ensure its reliable operation. To fully capitalize on the capabilities of a servo motor, having an experienced technician is key.

Proper environmental conditions must be maintained when storing it temperatures between -15 and 70 degrees Celsius and relative humidity levels ranging from 10 to 90 percent are essential for optimal results. To work properly, the model HG-KR23K should also be positioned at altitudes up to 2000 meters above mean sea level.

Standard Wiring Guidelines

For safety, ensure the servo motor HG-KR23K is installed before connecting its wires to avoid an electric shock. Securely insulate all power supply terminals for further protection from hazardous voltage levels and carefully check polarity (-/+); incorrect alignment may cause a rupture or other damage. To successfully integrate this device into your system, you must ensure a direct connection between the U, V, and W outputs of the amplifier with those inputs on the servo motor itself.

A servo motor like the HG-KR23K should be kept away from magnetic contactors and other similar devices to ensure its proper functioning. To prevent damage, connecting this device directly to an AC power source is not advised. Should you want assurance of UL/CSA compliance for your wiring setup, adhere to the instructions outlined in the accompanying manual.