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Mitsubishi Q2ASCPU

Mitsubishi Q2Ascpu

Mitsubishi Q2ASCPU

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  • 28K STEPS
  • DIRECT I/O MAX 2048

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The model Q2ASCPU by Mitsubishi is a groundbreaking programmable controller designed to provide unparalleled speed and efficiency in the data processing. Featuring an innovative high-speed access base unit, users can quickly connect with special function modules such as network and serial communication for the expedited analysis of large datasets.

Technical Specification of Q2ASCPU

The Q2ASCPU model boasts an astonishing 8192 points across its internal relay (M), latch relay (L), and link relays. Weighing in at just 0.3 kilograms, it has the capability to run on a mere 5 VDC power supply with only 0.3 A of current consumption required.

This advanced model offers a program capacity of 60,000 steps and an expansive memory capability of up to 29k words. Users can customize the number of points for internal relays (M) from 8k - 32k according to their specific project requirements. This level of customization ensures optimal performance on all programming tasks.

The Q2ASCPU model features a timer (T) boasting an impressive 2048 points, as well as a retentive timer (ST), which holds the same amount of capacity. With 32768 available points for its file register and 4096 for its pointer, the special relay rounds out this versatile model with another 2048-point reserve.

Ambient Conditions

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is paramount when operating the Q2ASCPU model. It should be kept between 0-55°C to ensure its proper functioning, while a maximum relative humidity of 95% must also be respected to avoid any form of dew condensation.

To ensure optimal performance, the model Q2ASCPU must be kept in an environment free of corrosive and combustible gases, oil mist, or dust; direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided. Additionally, it should remain stored in a place with temperature levels ranging from -25 to +70 degrees Celsius and humidity no higher than 95%.

Special Features

The Q2ASCPU model offers an advanced software development environment that allows for maximum efficiency. With the incorporation of a memory card holding up to two million bytes, code creation speeds are dramatically increased, and file registers, comments, and statements can all be conveniently stored on one device.

A revolutionary program file format has enabled increased collaboration between teams and more effective management of programs. Splitting up formerly singular projects into multiple, smaller files offers a level of organization that allows for dynamic involvement from several designers, with each part being handled in accordance with its individual functions and procedures.

The model Q2ASCPU’s document creation has been revamped with the new GPP function. Users have more room to expand their thoughts since each comment can contain up to 32 characters—perfect for increased expressivity and clarity.

General Precautions

To ensure optimal operation, it is critical that power lines and main circuits are kept isolated from control or communication wires. Factors such as program size, system configuration, and parameter values can have an impact on the time taken by a CPU module to move through its powered-on/reset state into proper RUN performance. By programming carefully with safety in mind at all times, users can maximize the effective execution of their systems.

Before any work is done on the Q2ASCPU module, ensure that all external power has been disconnected. Be mindful of potential dangers and keep your hands away from electronics and conductive parts in order to avoid shock hazards or short circuits during installation/removal processes.

When wiring up the system for operation afterward, always secure the terminal covers provided with the model; this ensures proper insulation, protecting you against possible electrical damage.