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Mitsubishi FX2N-4AD

Mitsubishi Fx2N-4Ad

Mitsubishi FX2N-4AD

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  • FX2N4AD
  • 12 BIT
  • 24 VDC

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The model FX2N-4AD is a programmable controller eminent as a PLC by Mitsubishi. A control system is made up of several distinct components, all of which are referred to together as "programmable controllers." The FX2N-4AD model has been outfitted with the most up-to-date high-speed processor, enhanced real-time sensorless vector control, and vector control functions. It can cater to the requirements of various machines and equipment.

Technical Specifications of FX2N-4AD:

The model FX2N-4AD contains 8000 points general, 7800 points latched, and 256 points special for the data registers. The model's power consumption is 0.75 kW, and it operates on a 400 V three-phase voltage. The program capability of the model is already built in at 8000 steps, but it can expand up to 16000 steps with the help of an additional memory cassette. The model can handle 20 basic sequence instructions, 2-step ladder instructions, and 125 applied instructions. The operation processing time of the model FX2N-4AD is 0.08 microseconds for the basic instructions and 1.52 microseconds to 100 microseconds for the applied instructions. The model is a third-generation standard model with high flexibility suitable for small-scale control of high cost.

The model I/O control method is a batch processing method. The model's auxiliary relay has 256 special points, the general 3072 points, and the latched 2572 points. In addition to that, the model FX2N-4AD contains 500 points that are latched, 10 points that are initial, and 100 points that are annunciator points for the state relay (S coils). The model has 255 points maximum hardware I/O configurations and 255 points maximum software addressable inputs and outputs.

Main Components of FX2N-4AD:

Inputs and outputs indicate physical inputs and outputs on the programmable controller (PLC). The model includes many auxiliary relays. Similar to output relays in the program, device contacts in the model FX2N-4AD drive the coils of these relays. STL step relays (S) are essential for programming step-by-step process control. They are combined with the fundamental instruction STL. When using just STL-style programming, some states have predefined behaviors. Pointers are used to control the flow of a program. When shown in ladder mode, they are presented to the left of the leftmost bus bar. After the particular instructions, annunciator flags can be utilized as outputs for external diagnosis (annunciation).

Additional Technical Information:

There is no restriction on how many devices may be connected in serial or parallel to the PLC (FX2N-4AD). However, some programming panels and printers may not display or print anything if the software is too large for the hardware. There should be at most 10 connections and 1 coil per line in the ladder code. This is due to the fact that the number of contacts available in a ladder program can only go so high. Keep the number of outputs in a chain to a maximum of 24. Inputs are tallied but have yet to be used to operate the high-speed counter coils. For this reason, the counter coils must be permanently activated to keep the high-speed inputs disconnected.