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Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD

Mitsubishi Gt2708-Vtbd

Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD

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Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD

This high-performance human-machine interface (HMI) device from Mitsubishi Electric's GT27 series is ideal for a variety of industrial applications because of its 8.4-inch TFT color display, advanced connectivity options, and robust design for industrial automation. The model provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring and controlling various automated processes.

Technical Details:

The Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD has a 640 x 480-pixel 8.4-inch TFT color screen. The black frame uses a 24VDC supply to accommodate voltage changes from +25% to -20%. When mounted horizontally, the device functions from 0 to 55°C and vertically from 0 to 50°C.

The storage temperature is -20°C to 60°C. It doesn't condense when stored at 10% to 90% relative humidity. The GT2708-VTBD resists vibration well. Vibrations of 5-8.4 Hz with a half amplitude of 1.75 mm and 8.4-150 Hz with 4.9 m/s² acceleration are not a concern.

It can tolerate 5 to 8.4 Hz vibrations at 0.875 mm half amplitude and 8.4-150 Hz vibrations at 2.45 m/s². This product fulfills JIS B 3502 and IEC 61131-2 shock resistance standards. It can endure three 147 m/s² (15G) shocks in each direction.

This HMI cannot operate in oily vapors, corrosive gases, flammable gases, extremely conductive dust, or direct sunlight. It can be used up to 2000 meters in the air. Any installation must occur in a control panel with pollution level 2 or below and overvoltage category II or lower.

Memory Specifications:

The GT2708-VTBD includes significant memory capacities. It has 32 MB of ROM and 80 MB of RAM for data storage, and the memory has a durability rating of 100,000 write cycles. The device's internal clock is accurate to within ±90 seconds every month when the temperature outside is 25°C.

It functions on a GT11-50BAT lithium battery, which usually lasts about five years when kept at room temperature. The analog resistive film-type touch panel has an operating force requirement of 0.98N or lower and can withstand more than 1 million operations.

Power Specifications:

GT2708-VTBD power efficiency is its hallmark. It requires only 42W when used alone and 8W when the lighting is off. The device experiences a 2-millisecond inrush current of 60A or less at 25 °C and maximum load.

Among its various interfaces, the GT2708-VTBD has an SD card slot, two USB (Host) channels, one USB (Device) channel, one Ethernet channel, and one RS-232 channel. It has a 227 x 176 mm panel cutout, weighs 1.5 kg without mounting brackets, and measures 241 x 194 x 52 mm externally.

Design protects frontally at IP67F and internally at IP2X. Fastening terminal screws on the terminal block requires 0.75 to 2 mm² wire and 0.5 to 0.8 N·m torque. The buzzer produces a single tone with a configurable length, while the power LED glows blue or orange.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD perform when subjected to vibrations and shocks?

The Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD complies with both JIS B 3502 and IEC 61131-2 for resistance to vibration and shock. Vibrations, both continuous and intermittent, and shocks up to 147 m/s² (15G) are no match for it.

In what ranges of temperatures and humidity can the Mitsubishi GT2308-VTBD be used?

The Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD's operational temperature range is 0 to 55°C when installed horizontally and 0 to 50°C vertically. It may operate in relative humidity levels ranging from 10% to 90% with no condensation.

What type of built-in interfaces is the Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD equipped with?

The Mitsubishi GT2708-VTBD includes an SD card port, Ethernet, USB (Host and Device), and RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces. These interfaces offer flexible communication possibilities for a wide range of industrial applications.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specification
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Screen Size 8.4"
Resolution VGA (640 x 480)
Display Type TFT Color
Power Supply 24VDC (+25%, -20%)
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C (horizontal), 0 to 50°C (vertical)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity 10 to 90%RH, no condensation
Weight 1.5 kg (excluding mounting brackets)
Protection Rating Front: IP67F, In control panel: IP2X

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