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Mitsubishi HG-KR053D

Mitsubishi Hg-Kr053D

Mitsubishi HG-KR053D

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  • HGKR053D
  • 0.05 KW
  • 3000 R/MIN

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.



The HG-KR053D servo motor from Mitsubishi is a feature-packed powerhouse, delivering ample torque and low moment of inertia for use in many kinds of applications. This efficient device provides high performance without sacrificing precision or agility. The HG-KR053D servo motor is designed with precision, featuring a 22-bit encoder that emits 4194304 pulses per revolution for accurate motion detection and speed measurements. The housing features IP65 certification to ensure dust protection and 130(B) insulation against high temperatures; natural cooling further guards the unit against overheating.

HG-KR053D (Technical Details)

The motor HG-KR053D can achieve impressive results at peak performance, delivering up to 6900 revolutions per minute thanks to its efficient D-shaped shaft design. The HG-KR053D servo motor offers an impressive 5.63 kilowatts of torque power per second, allowing it to generate a maximum of 0.56 Newton meters with just 3.2 amps of current required from its source—all at a lightweight 0.34 kilos. Moreover, the ratio between load and shaft inertia moments must not exceed 17 for optimal performance efficiency

The HG-KR053D AC servo motor is packed with power and durability, offering an impressive 0.05 kW rated power output, a torque of 0.16 Nm capable of handling up to 88N in radial vibrations and 59 N thrust vibrations while consuming only 0.9 A at full load operation setting it apart from the rest. The model HG-KR053D boasts a rated speed of 3000 revolutions per minute; however, its impressive maximum motor speed maxes out at 6000. Unfortunately, voltage fluctuation does not guarantee the required output torque or consistent speeds.

Standard Ambient Instructions

The HG-KR053D servo motor is designed to operate in environments of varying temperature (0 - 40°C) and humidity levels (10 - 80%; non-condensing). The elevation requirements for its optimal performance are between 0 and 2,000 meters above sea level. For the HG-KR053D to be properly stored, the conditions must be in their ideal state at all times.

It should only be used in interior settings, where it will be protected from harmful elements such as dust or dirt particles, corrosive gases, and oil spray particulates, all of which have the potential to shorten its lifespan. Only then should it be put into use. To ensure functioning quality, maintain an environment encompassing temperature bounds between -15 to 70 °C with a relative humidity range of 10 – 90%.

Wiring Details

Connect your servo amplifier’s U, V, and W power outputs to the HG-KR053D servo motor inputs with precision. Carefully follow the instructions in its user handbook for UL/CSA wiring requirements. Additionally, check that polarity is correct (+/-) as it ensures proper functioning of energy flow—otherwise, risking possible damage or rupture due to incorrect connections. Keep electronic components away from magnetic contactors when making these connections to ensure a safe work environment going forward.

Ensure the HG-KR053D AC servo motor is securely fitted before connecting cables to avoid electric shock risk. Also, use insulating terminals for power source connections to decrease potential electrical hazards. Connecting the HG-KR053D motor directly to an AC power supply may cause irreversible damage and reduce effectiveness.

To ensure a safe, reliable operation, always use specified supplementary equipment or accessories; improper use of the wrong parts might lead to unexpected malfunction or even fire hazards.