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Mitsubishi HG-KR43J

Mitsubishi Hg-Kr43J

Mitsubishi HG-KR43J

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  • HGKR43J
  • 0.4 KW
  • 3000 R/MIN

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The Mitsubishi HG-KR43J servo motor is an incredibly powerful tool suitable for numerous applications. An oil seal sits above the standard shaft, preventing lubricants from infiltrating and compromising performance. With this innovative addition, users can enjoy long-term reliability with their high-performance model. This impressive servo motor HG-KR43J is designed to produce a powerful torque, allowing optimal performance in diverse applications. Its low moment of inertia ensures fast and efficient motion control without compromising output power.

Technical Details (HG-KR43J)

The impressive HG-KR43J model boasts an incredibly lightweight design of 1.4 kilograms while delivering a 4.5 Newton meters maximum torque when powered by 9.1 amps from its supply source, resulting in 43.7 kilowatts per second constant torque power rate. It’s also armed with a cutting-edge 22-bit encoder, an ultra-precise 4194304 pulses per revolution motion detector, and a speed sensor for exacting performance results every time.

The HG-KR43J AC servo motor is a powerful beast, boasting an impressive 0.4 kW rated constant duty power output and 1.3 Nm of torque at up to 6000 revolutions per minute—despite being officially listed with a mere 3000 revs/min rate. Don’t try reducing the voltage though; such an approach won’t guarantee you get that speed or generate any extra torque either!

The model HG-KR43J is a robust construction with IP65-rated housing and 130 (B) insulation value, designed to endure elevated temperatures. The powerful servo motor achieves up to 6900 revolutions per minute at maximum capacity, maintaining the ratio between load inertia moment and shaft inertia moment of no more than 25. Additionally, this device boasts 245 N of radial vibrations resistance and 98 N thrust protection for unfaltering operation in challenging environments.

Operating and Installation Instructions (HG-KR43J)

The sophisticated model HG-KR43J requires optimal conditions for storage as designed a temperature range of -15°C and +70°C, plus humidity levels between 10% and 90%. If these environmental parameters are not maintained, the servo motor is likely to be affected; it can only survive in an atmosphere with temperatures ranging from 0°C up to 40º C, alongside relative humidity that remains within 10%-80%. These conditions must be met for it to perform properly. To ensure optimal performance, the protections of model HG-KR43J should be safeguarded at all times. It is designed to operate in a secure and safe internal environment free from corrosive fumes, oil vapors, dirt particles, or dust buildup.

General Wiring Information

Incorrect polarity can have disastrous consequences for your and the machine’s safety, so be sure to verify its settings. In addition, take advantage of auxiliary equipment specifically recommended for use with this combination—misconnecting them could lead to malfunctions or even fire risks. Once connected correctly between the servo amplifier’s U/V/W power outputs and HG-KR43J motor inputs, you’ll enjoy robust performance.

When connecting the servo motor directly to an AC power source, it’s important that you take certain precautions. Neglecting to do so could cause irreparable damage and even lead to electrical shocks. To avoid these risks, make sure wiring follows UL/CSA standards outlined in your user manual; further, ensure wires are not pinched or stressed, as this could disrupt the proper functioning of the system altogether.

To protect from possible electric shock and other hazards, it is essential to take measures when installing the HG-KR43J servo motor. All moving parts must be kept away from magnet controllers or similar equipment. Additionally, all of the power source’s terminal connections should be insulated for optimal safety precautions.