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Mitsubishi MR-J4-200B4

Mitsubishi Mr-J4-200B4

Mitsubishi MR-J4-200B4

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Mitsubishi MR-J4-200B4

In terms of performance, the Mitsubishi MR-J4-200B4 is a top-notch servo amplifier designed for complex motion control tasks. It is part of the well-known MR-J4 line and makes sure that industrial automation processes are accurate, efficient, and reliable. It is the best choice for complicated systems that need to work quickly and precisely because it is built to last and has advanced features.

Technical Specs:

The MR-J4-200B4 servo amplifier can power even the most demanding applications with its 2 kW output. It uses 3-phase 380-480 VAC electricity and works with industrial power systems. As it supports 50/60 Hz, this model may fit into many operational scenarios.

It handles quick load changes with its 5.1 A current. High-speed motion systems benefit from the amplifier's 2.5 kHz response frequency for fast, accurate control. The encoder feedback's 22-bit resolution detects location and controls motion accurately.

The MR-J4-200B4 has torque, speed, and positioning control modes for many applications. The maximum speed for high-speed automation is 3000 rpm. During deceleration, amplifier regenerative braking converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, saving energy.

The compact design makes the MR-J4-200B4 servo amplifier appropriate for various industrial applications. It fits in narrow spaces due to its 90 mm width, 168 mm height, and 195 mm depth.

Although compact, the 2.1-kilogram device is strong and reliable for challenging operations. Solid performance and space-saving design make the MR-J4-200B4 efficient. Communication interfaces like SSCNET III/H allow the amplifier to work seamlessly with Mitsubishi's automation systems.

Operating Environment:

Since it can operate from 0 to 55°C, the MR-J4-200B4 is designed to work in a variety of industrial settings. Its humidity tolerance of 5% to 90% RH (non-condensing) ensures consistent operation. This amplifier can withstand vibrations up to 5.9 m/s², making it suitable for machinery that is prone to them.

In dust-free and corrosion-free settings, this servo amplifier operates reliably and long-term. Its IP20 classification protects against solid objects larger than 12 mm and dust intrusion.

Built-In Safety:

As safety is important, the MR-J4-200B4 has multiple built-in safety mechanisms to protect the operator and equipment. The amplifier's Safe Torque Off function quickly cuts the motor's output to prevent unexpected movement.

To prevent amplifier and motor damage, the MR-J4-200B4 has overload protection that detects excessive current and limits output. The device also has an over-temperature prevention feature that shuts down when the internal temperature exceeds the safe limit to prevent thermal damage.

In addition, the amplifier is equipped with short-circuit protection, which protects the system from inadvertent shorts in the motor windings or cables. The fault detection feature of the MR-J4-200B4 also monitors the system's operational status and provides diagnostic information to facilitate rapid troubleshooting and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the rated output and power supply voltage of the MR-J4-200B4 servo amplifier?

The MR-J4-200B4 is powered by a 3-phase 380-480 VAC power supply voltage and has a rated output of 2 kW. This renders it appropriate for standard power systems and rigorous industrial applications.

What is the response frequency of the MR-J4-200B4 and how does it manage capacity changes?

The MR-J4-200B4 is capable of effectively managing sudden load changes due to its rated current of 5.1 A. It guarantees rapid and precise control for high-speed motion systems due to its response frequency of 2.5 kHz.

What are the dimensions and weight of the MR-J4-200B4 servo amplifier?

The MR-J4-200B4 is designed to nestle into tight spaces, with dimensions of 90 mm in width, 168 mm in height, and 195 mm in depth. Despite its diminutive size, it is rugged and dependable, weighing only 2.1 kg.

Product Specifications Table:

Attribute Specification
Rated Output 2 kW
Power Supply Voltage 3-phase 380-480 VAC
Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
Rated Current 5.1 A
Response Frequency 2.5 kHz
Encoder Feedback Resolution 22 bits
Power Supply Phases 3
Dimensions (W x H x D) 90 mm x 168 mm x 195 mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 55°C

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