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Mitsubishi MR-J2S-700A

Mitsubishi Mr-J2S-700A

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-700A

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  • MRJ2S700A
  • 3 PHASE
  • INPUT: 28.9 AMP/ 200-230 VAC/ 50/60 HZ
  • OUTPUT: 170 VAC/ 0-360 HZ/ 37 AMP

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.



This multifunctional servo drive model MR-J2S-700A offers efficient performance for various applications. Mitsubishi manufactured this unique and versatile servo amplifier, facilitating three distinct control modes - from precise position adjustment to reliable speed/torque command.

To combat overheating, the model MR-J2S-700A utilizes natural convection in its advanced device housing design. Furthermore, a powerful motor is controlled with a high-speed pulse train to precisely adjust speed and direction for superior accuracy.

Technical Specifications of MR-J2S-700A:

This model MR-J2S-700A weighs 15 kilograms and offers a comprehensive range of safety features to ensure dependable operation and avoid potential harm. These include an overcurrent cut-off, regenerative overvoltage cut-off, encoder error protection mechanisms, shutdown safeguards, and speed limiters for superior performance control.

This model MR-J2S-700A can manage a wide range of power supply fluctuations, from 200 to 230 volts and 170 up to 253 VAC across three phases. Frequency variations are accounted for with an allowance of 5%.

Torque control mode provides an adjustable speed range of 0 to -/+ 10 VDC, while the Speed Control Mode offers a much greater variability with speeds anywhere between 1:2000 and 1:5000.

The ultra-high speed open collector in position control mode can process incoming electric pulses at an impressive 200 thousand per second. In comparison, the differential receiver can support up to 500 kpps.

Additionally, the sine-wave PWM control system provides precision analog speed command input voltage between 0 and +/- 10 VDC while its current feedback capability offers equivalent torque command inputs between 0 and +/- 8 VCD.

Operating and Installation Conditions:

The MR-J2S-700A servo amplifier must be strategically installed in a control cabinet that meets specific protective class requirements. Strategic clearances should always remain between the servo amplifier and its surrounding environment to ensure optimal function.

The servo amplifier MR-J2S-700A can reach potential heights of up to 1000 meters without a reduction in performance, making it ideal for high-altitude installations. However, only those highly trained and experienced with the device should be entrusted with its installation.

The MR-J2S-700A model is designed to operate optimally in temperatures between 0 and +55°C, while the storage area must maintain a maximum relative humidity of 90%. To ensure peak performance, this device should be handled with care and kept at an ambient temperature range from -20°C up to +65° C.

To ensure peak performance, the model MR-J2S-700A should be used in a secure upright position isolated from vibration sources. Using it outdoors or around oil mist, dirt, and flammable/corrosive gases are not recommended, as this can reduce efficacy.

General Cautions

The model MR-J2S-700A acts as a multipurpose component capable of functioning in many industries without risk to human safety. It intentionally prevents integration into dangerous situations to protect and preserve life.

The production of servo amplifiers is vigorously validated to ensure the utmost quality. To safeguard against extreme circumstances such as accidents or severe losses, redundant capabilities must be built-in when deploying the device in vulnerable locations.

Installing this servo amplifier (MR-J2S-700A) into machinery demands more than a conventional operating environment and electrical equipment criteria. The machine must also adhere to electromagnetic compatibility standards to successfully install the device.

For safe operation, the servo amplifier MR-J2S-700A must be connected to the earth terminals of its associated circuit breaker with correctly fitted protective earthing connections. It will maximize protection against hazardous electric shock currents if a leakage current breaker is used.