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Schneider Electric 140ACI03000

Schneider Electric 140Aci03000

Schneider Electric 140ACI03000

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  • 140ACI03000
  • 8 POINT
  • 12 BIT
  • 1-5 V / 4-20 MA LINEAR RANGE
Schneider Electric's 140ACI03000 is a reliable and efficient motor starter with a wide range of features, including dual adjustable overloads, overcurrent protection, and override control. This model is UL listed and CSA certified, ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards, making it a great choice for any industrial or commercial setting.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.


Schneider Electric 140ACI03000

Schneider Electric 140ACI03000 analog input module is part of the Quantum family of I/O modules. This module is intended to provide precise and accurate analog signal measurement in industrial automation applications.

General Features of 140ACI03000:

The 140ACI03000 module has 8 analog input channels in total. These channels may accept a wide variety of analog signals, including voltage and current signals, enabling flexible monitoring and control of analog operations.

The module includes high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) for precise and accurate analog signal measurement. Because of the high resolution, even slight changes in the input signals can be caught and used effectively in the automation system.

The 140ACI03000 module contains built-in signal conditioning capabilities. This implies it can deal with a variety of input signal ranges and adjust them to the necessary range for processing by the automation system. Signal conditioning improves the accuracy and dependability of recorded analog signals.

The quick sample rate of the module enables real-time monitoring and reaction to changes in the analog input signals. The fast sample rate guarantees that data is captured and processed in a timely way, allowing for accurate control and efficient decision-making.

It has diagnostic functions that provide helpful information about the module's state and health. Remote access to these diagnostics enables fast troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and system optimization.

Installation Guidelines:

To ensure adequate performance and integration with the automation system, it is critical to follow the specified directions when installing the Schneider Electric 140ACI03000 analog input module.

Before beginning the installation process, it is critical to turn off the power to the automation system. This precautionary approach protects both the installer and the module from potential electrical risks.

Next, carefully choose the correct Quantum chassis slot for inserting the 140ACI03000 module. It is critical to confirm that the slot is compatible with the module and that the power and connection requirements are met.

Connect the module's electrical connections, including attaching it to a power supply with compatible voltage and current specifications. Establish communication connections to the automation system as well, following the wiring requirements and ensuring correct grounding to protect system integrity.

Proceed with the mechanical installation of the 140ACI03000 module after the electrical connections have been completed. Insert the module into the Quantum chassis' allocated slot, making sure it is appropriately aligned with the backplane connectors. Gently press the module into the slot to secure it.

Continue with the module configuration after the physical installation. This entails configuring the relevant settings and addresses, such as allocating input channel configurations and signal ranges based on the application's needs. The module's documentation and configuration guidelines describe this procedure in detail.

After completing the configuration, it is critical to test the module's functionality. This can be accomplished by running tests such as sending known input signals to the module and confirming that the measured values match the expected outcomes. Check that the module is working properly and generating accurate measurements.

Schneider Electric 140ACI03000

When working with the Schneider Electric 140ACI03000 module, general safety precautions must be followed. These include turning off the power, wearing appropriate PPE, receiving proper training, inspecting the module for damage, following manufacturer instructions, grounding to prevent electrostatic discharge, handling the module with care, keeping a clean and dry environment, and adhering to recommended wiring practices.

These safeguards ensure worker safety and the module's appropriate installation, functioning, and maintenance.