Schneider Electric 140ACI03000

Schneider Electric 140Aci03000

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  • 140ACI03000
  • 8 POINT
  • 12 BIT
  • 1-5 V / 4-20 MA LINEAR RANGE
Schneider Electric's 140ACI03000 is a reliable and efficient motor starter with a wide range of features, including dual adjustable overloads, overcurrent protection, and override control. This model is UL listed and CSA certified, ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards, making it a great choice for any industrial or commercial setting.

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140ACI03000

This Schneider Electric's reliable and energy-efficient analog input module 140ACI03000 is an ideal solution for many applications - consuming just 2W of power with a standard module format.

The Analog Input 8-Channel Unipolar module 140ACI03000 offers versatile compatibility with current and voltage inputs - configure the supplied jumpers to measure up to eight electrical signals.

Technical Description of 140ACI03000:

This model 140ACI03000 boasts a single pole low pass filter with an impressive 15 Hz frequency and up to 15% variability. Eight analog inputs are all differentially configured, thus ensuring maximum output accuracy of the device.

The 140ACI03000 model processes nine input words in 12-bit resolution, with a linear measurement range from 1 V to 5 V for voltage and four mA through 20 mA for current. This model operates at a maximum of 50 V DC voltage and 25 mA current, with input impedance rated at 250 ohms for the former and greater than 20 ohms for the latter.

This state-of-the-art model 140ACI03000 boasts impressive accuracy and linearity, with an absolute error of only 0.05% full scale and a linearity variance of just 0.04%. In addition to its cutting-edge technology features, the device weighs in at under half a kilogram (0.3) and requires merely 240 mA over bus current.

This model 140ACI03000 offers increased safety with an effective 30 V DC of isolation between channels and a robust 1000 V DC for separation from other buses. Its lightning-quick 5 ms update rate promises excellent.

This analog input module is equipped with an efficient system of indicators for visual monitoring. While one green LED indicates successful bus communication, a single red one serves as a warning signal in case of external faults. Additionally, users can monitor the status of channels thanks to 8 illuminated greens when On and eight corresponding reds that appear upon fault detection.

With the 140ACI03000 module, you can accurately monitor your system wiring and detect any broken wires or under-voltage conditions in the 4-20 mA range or 1-5 V range. If there are any issues, you will receive an error signal immediately.

External Wiring Recommendations:

To achieve optimal signal quality in quiet and noisy environments, use twisted shielded cables to provide current and voltage sources. Do not exceed a maximum channel-to-channel working voltage of 30 Vdc to protect your equipment from overvoltage damage. Ensure all PLCs have correctly grounded shields for their respective cable connections.

Environmental Conditions:

For optimal operation, the model 140ACI03000 should be utilized in temperatures ranging from 0 - 60°C. It is important to store it at -40 - 85°C for the safekeeping and longevity of its parts.

For best results, it's important to keep the humidity levels below 95% in both operating and storage areas. Additionally, this model 140ACI03000 can operate up to 5000 meters altitude without compromising its capabilities.

It is critical to properly dispose of this product at the designated waste collection points; it must never end up in regular rubbish bins. Furthermore, the model happily meets RoHS Directive standards, as confirmed by its absence of mercury components.

Safety Instructions:

This automation equipment model is adapted to suit a variety of industrial processes, taking into account the necessities for control functions, protection levels, and local regulations. Production can run smoothly without interruption by tailoring each application to its specific needs and conditions.