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Schneider Electric 140ACI04000

Schneider Electric 140Aci04000

Schneider Electric 140ACI04000

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  • 140ACI04000
  • 5 W

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140ACI04000

This analog input module 140ACI04000 offers efficiency and reliability in a standard format. Powering up at only 5 Watts, this model will provide an efficient solution for any project needs.

To prevent unnecessary activation of the red LED, it is important to configure any unused channels in the 0-25 mA range. Additionally, this module offers extra protection by generating an error signal should a broken wire condition be detected within the 4-20 mA range.

Technical Description of 140ACI04000:

This model 140ACI04000 boasts an exact full-scale accuracy of +/- 0.125 percent and a linearity error of only ±0.12 microamperes when operating between 4 and 20 mA current outputs. This lightweight offering weighs just 0.3 kilograms while providing unique bus power requirements of up to 360 mA from the line supply voltage source.

This analog input module (140ACI04000) has a single pole low pass filter with a 34 Hz frequency and an impressive tolerance of up to 15%. Additionally, it supports 16 analog inputs along with differential input types.

The 140ACI04000 model is a powerful 16-channel analog input module with mixed current inputs and HART compatibility. Additionally, it offers great electrical isolation of 30 V DC between channels and a speedy response time €“ of 15 ms. It requires 17 input words to ensure a precise resolution, with count values ranging from 0 to 16000. Our measuring range for voltage is 1-5 Volts, and our measuring range for current is 4-20 milliamps, both available in a linear format.

The model 140ACI04000 is dynamically equipped to power up with an unsurpassable flow of 30 mA and a reliable input impedance of 250 ohms. Additionally, the module requires 17 words in contiguous form€”allowing 16 bits for data entry and one channel status word.

The 140ACI04000 module is designed with indicators of communication and faults--it features one green LED to signify bus communication and a red one for external issues. It also demonstrates 16 LEDs in both green and red shades; the former indicates when channels are activated, while the latter serves to alert users of any problems present within them.

External Wiring Recommendations:

Install shielded signal cables in noisy environments to ensure a strong connection between your PLC and external devices. For optimal noise protection, it is advisable to use a twisted cable. However, it is important to ensure that the channel-to-channel working voltage does not exceed 30 Vdc..

Environmental Conditions:

For the model to work correctly, it needs to be used under an ambient air temperature range of 0-60°C. Also, storage should occur in temperatures between -40 and 85°C for safekeeping.

For best results, it is important to maintain a relative humidity level below 95% in the operating and storage area. This model is built to withstand different climates and can operate at heights of up to 5000 meters above sea level.

Safety Instructions:

This model 140ACI04000 of automation equipment is a powerful tool for controlling industrial processes. Depending on the unique specifications needed, such as control function and required protection levels, this automated system offers versatility in meeting individual requirements. Government regulations are also taken into account to ensure complete safety and compliance.

Qualified personnel should be the only ones to install, operate, service, and maintain this model. The company shall not shoulder any responsibility for consequences resulting from using this analog module.