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Schneider Electric 140ACO02000

Schneider Electric 140Aco02000

Schneider Electric 140ACO02000

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  • 140ACO02000
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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140ACO02000

The powerhouse Schneider Electric 140ACO02000 is a dependable and precise analog output module designed for industrial applications. It comes with 4 analog output words and 4 output channels, making it highly versatile for different addressing requirements.

Technical Specifications:

This module operates on a loop voltage range of 12 to 30 V DC and can support a bipolar current output range of either 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 4096 counts, with a 12-bit resolution.

Simplify precision with the model 140ACO02000. Experience an accuracy error of only +/- 0.20% of the full degree at 25°C, ensuring the output signals are both precise and dependable. With linearity guaranteed within +/- 1 least significant bit (LSB), it can be trusted with the overall accuracy of the measurements.

The module is designed to maintain accuracy regardless of the operating conditions. With built-in temperature compensation, the accuracy drift is minimal, only +/- 0.004 % of the full scale per degree Celsius, with a maximum drift of +/- 0.007 % per degree Celsius.

The 140ACO02000 model offers top-notch channel isolation with a 500 V rating at 47 to 63 Hz AC and 750 V for 1 minute DC. This not only provides optimal electrical safety but also helps prevent interference between output channels. This helps in keeping the electrical operations performing at their best.

This module is lightning fast, updating in just 3 ms and achieving +/- 0.1 % precision in under a millisecond. And, it's designed to protect against open circuit faults within the 4 to 20 mA output range.

To power the module, a bus current of 480 mA is needed as a 12 to 30 V external power supply, which makes it great for use in standard engineering settings. With a maximum power dissipation of 5.3 W, precise control without risking equipment damage can be maintained.

Operational and Installation Details:

Integrating the 140ACO02000 module into the existing system is easier, because of its compact and regulated setup. With a mere 0.3 kg net weight, installation is space-efficient and hassle-free.

This module is designed to withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. It boasts impressive product certifications like FM Class 1 Division 2 and cUL and is compliant with standards such as CSA C22.2 No 142 and UL 508. And it offers resistance to electromagnetic fields up to 10 V/m in the frequency range of 80 to 2000 MHz, adhering to IEC 801-3 requirements.

The impressive 140ACO02000 module can perform well under extreme temperature conditions, with an operational series of 0 to 70 °C and a storage range of -48 to 85 °C. Even in environments with 95% humidity, this module can operate without any condensation issues. And it works smoothly in countless altitudes, up to 5000 meters.

Stay connected with ease with the 140ACO02000. This device comes equipped with handy indicator signals, including 1 green LED for bus communication significance and distinguishing green and red LEDs for each channel.

The external fault indication is clear and easily noticeable with its bright red LED. And every channel's operational status and potential fault conditions are indicated for added convenience. Keep the operations running smoothly with this top-of-the-line device.

Safety Precautions:

Prevent electrical shock and equipment damage by connecting the ground terminal of the module to a reliable and properly grounded power source. This connection redirects excess electrical current away from the module and provides a safety net for electrical faults. Keep the equipment safe and secure with proper grounding.