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Schneider Electric 140CPS11420

Schneider Electric 140Cps11420

Schneider Electric 140CPS11420

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  • 140CPS11420
  • 2 AMP
  • 115-230 VAC
  • 50-60 HZ
  • 5.1 VDC

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.


Schneider Electric 140CPS11420

The Schneider Electric 140CPS11420 is a robust and versatile power supply module designed specifically for industrial automation systems, providing reliable and efficient power to support the operation of various components within the system.

Technical Specs of the Module:

The module supports a variety of AC or DC power inputs, providing flexibility in various power supply arrangements. It is appropriate for multiple industrial power systems since it can handle 85 to 264 volts AC or 90 to 300 volts DC.

It has a maximum power output capacity of 240 watts. This enables it to provide sufficient power to the automation system's associated devices and components, assuring their reliable operation.

The module supports redundancy, allowing multiple power supplies to be used in parallel for better system reliability and availability. If one power supply fails, the other(s) can continue to deliver power, minimizing downtime and interruptions.

The module's monitoring and diagnostic capabilities enable real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as input and output voltage and current levels. This data assists in recognizing and addressing any potential power-related concerns, maintaining the automation system's stability and reliability.

The 140CPS11420 module has a small form factor, making it easy to install and integrate into industrial control panels or cabinets. It may be placed easily on a conventional DIN rail, conserving space and simplifying installation.

It is intended to work reliably in a variety of industrial situations over a wide temperature range. It can resist temperatures ranging from -25 to 70 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

User Interface and Connectivity:

The user interface of the Schneider Electric 140CPS11420 power supply module provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform for accessing and controlling its various functions and settings.

The module often includes an integrated display that offers critical information and feedback. Parameters such as input and output voltage levels, current levels, fault status, diagnostic messages, and configuration settings may be displayed on the display. It enables users to monitor module operation and rapidly discover any problems or anomalies.

It has a keypad or buttons that allow users to explore the menu and conduct other activities. The keypad may have navigation arrows, a selection or enter button, and additional buttons for configuration, diagnostics, or alert acknowledgment. These buttons offer quick and easy access to the module's functions and settings.

To organize various settings and operations, the user interface often adopts a menu-based structure. Users can use the keypad or buttons to navigate the menus to obtain specific choices, configuration parameters, diagnostics, or system status information. The menu structure is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for simple navigation and efficient operation.

The user interface allows users to configure the power supply module's different parameters and settings. Input voltage range selection, output voltage adjustment, current limiting, power redundancy settings, alert thresholds, and communication settings are all available.

Users can access the settings menu and make the necessary adjustments based on the needs of their specific application.

The module 140CPS11420 feature communication ports or interfaces, such as Ethernet or serial ports. These interfaces enable connectivity to external devices or networks, facilitating remote monitoring, control, and communication with the module.

Popular fieldbus protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, and DeviceNet are supported by the module. These protocols make it possible to integrate field equipment and other automation components seamlessly. They improve the interoperability and compatibility of the power supply module within the automation system by facilitating data exchange, control, and monitoring.