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Schneider Electric 140CPS21400

Schneider Electric 140Cps21400

Schneider Electric 140CPS21400

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  • 140CPS21400
  • 8 AMP
  • 24V DC

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140CPS21400

The 140CPS21400 power supply module provides full and independent functionality while integrating easily with other systems. The model features an impressive input voltage range between 20 and 30 V DC, enabling it to deliver current at up to 25 A when running on 24 Volts of Direct Current.

Technical Description of 140CPS21400:

The model 140CPS21400 is part of Quantum- a next-generation computing system with digital capabilities built for real-time control in industrial environments. Its modular design allows it to easily expand as needs arise, providing businesses the flexibility necessary to stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

This robust power supply unit can maintain a reliable power supply up to 24 V DC, even during short bursts of 1 ms input interruption. The powerful output voltage and current of 5.1 V DC and 7 A, respectively, ensure continuous operation under varying conditions.

The model 140CPS21400 performs precisely and accurately, featuring a 2.4 V DC input ripple and 5 A fuse rating. The powerful 25 A output at 24 VDC demonstrates its impressive inrush capability.

The 140CPS21400 power supply module features comprehensive protection, an internal output overvoltage safeguard, a built-in current limitation circuit, and a single green LED to indicate normal operation.

Standard Ambient Conditions:

The model ensures seamless performance even when installed at a maximum altitude of 5,000 meters and an ambient air temperature ranging from 0-60 degrees Celsius.

You must recycle this product through an approved waste collection program to ensure proper environmental stewardship. Additionally, it meets all European Union RoHS Directive requirements and contains no mercury.

To ensure maximum performance, the model 140CPS21400 must be housed in an environment with temperatures ranging between -40 and 85 degrees centigrade. In addition, relative humidity levels should not exceed 95 percent within operating and storage areas.

General Start-Up and Testing Precautions:

With the newly installed device, it is critical to properly vet its proper function by having qualified personnel perform a start-up test. To guarantee that model 140CPS21400 operates successfully, make sure you schedule a thorough examination with sufficient time and arrangements.

Ensure you have finished installing and setting up before beginning the testing process. Clear away all blocks or other shipping restraints from devices before the operation continues. Additionally, ensure to sweep debris and tools off your model for a smooth run-through of tests.

General Operation and Adjustment Instructions:

Even with precision craftsmanship and the best components, operating equipment incorrectly can lead to hazardous situations. Exercise caution when using any model or device - safety is paramount.

To ensure optimal and secure performance, following the manufacturer's guidelines when making available adjustments is important. Otherwise, incorrect configurations can lead to inefficient or dangerous operations.

Personnel with the necessary access to make adjustments must know their machinery and equipment instructions as prescribed by their manufacturer. It ensures the safe, efficient utilization of all electrical systems.

Standard Safety Precautions:

This model 140CPS21400 is a powerful tool for automating industrial processes but should be used cautiously. Without adequate point-of-operation guarding, the operator of this machinery runs the risk of serious injury or worse. Before running this model, take proper protective measures to ensure optimal safety during use.

When selecting automation equipment, consider factors such as the needed control function, desired level of protection, utilized manufacturing processes, special environmental conditions, and government regulations. Careful consideration is necessary to ensure proper application.