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Schneider Electric 140CPU11302

Schneider Electric 140Cpu11302

Schneider Electric 140CPU11302

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  • 140CPU11302
  • CONCEPT 80186
  • 1 MODBUS RS232
  • 0 TO +60 DEGREE C

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140CPU11302

This Schneider Electric CPU module 140CPU11302 boasts 109 kb of internal RAM and a 250 ms watchdog timer, offering users the perfect combination for various applications.

Technical Description of 140CPU11302:

The model 140CPU11302 operates at a speedy clock frequency of 20 Mhz but lacks an integrated mathematical coprocessor. It is fitted with an efficient Lithium battery boasting impressive ratings of 5 and 110 µA, respectively - promising 1.2 Ah service life over ten years shelf life.

This CPU module maximizes efficiency and convenience, integrating Modbus RS232 and ports. Its lightweight construction (only 0.3kg) is coupled with a generous bus current requirement of 780 mA - making it an ideal choice for energy-efficient operations.

This professional model 140CPU11302 is capable of dissipating a robust 3.9W and boasts an impressive capacity for ladder logic with 8K words, plus generous discrete capabilities at 8192 words input/output and register capacities reaching 9999 words.

This Schneider Electric CPU module (140CPU11302), residing on the local I/O backplane of a Quantum system, is an indispensable component - it's essentially the "brain" that powers everything. The CPU utilizes digital operations and features programmable memory to store user instructions while serving as the master controller for all connected data sources.

Ambient Conditions:

Ensure proper operation and storage of the 140CPU11302 model by keeping ambient air temperatures between 0 to 60-degree degrees for use and -40 to 85-degree degrees during storage. Maintain humidity levels at 95 percent in both areas.

This CPU module 140CPU11302 can be installed at elevations up to 5000 meters, making it suitable for use at any altitude. To ensure proper disposal and environmental safety of our product, it complies with EU RoHS Directive and contains no mercury content - please only use designated waste collection systems when disposing of it.

General Information of Model's Switches:

Secure the CPU's data easily using the two three-position slide switches on its front. Switch to the top position for memory protection, or choose either of the remaining positions if you wish to leave it unprotected. Choose the right Modbus (RS232) port communication settings using the three-position slide switch.

CPU hardware automatically bridges to RTU or ASCII mode when enabled from the front panel. This connectivity allows a Modbus port-connected Panel Device on the network controller to interact with its local counterpart, as well as access nodes across the entire Modbus Plus system.

When you toggle the slide switch to the top position, your port is enabled with ASCII features. We have locked these communication parameters to ensure that no one can alter them.

Two rotary switches, placed on the back of the CPU, allow users to assign Modbus Plus node and port addresses easily.

Standard Safety Instructions:

This advanced CPU module (140CPU11302) is designed to direct industrial activities efficiently. However, it should not be used on machinery lacking safety features like point-of-operation guarding, as this could seriously injure anyone operating the machine.

Proper installation, operation, and maintenance of this 140CPU11302 analog module are essential for optimal performance. The company cannot take responsibility for any consequences due to misuse if unqualified personnel complete these procedures exclusively. Using the model in a dry environment and away from sunlight is important for the best performance. It will ensure that it operates at its highest level.