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Schneider Electric 140CPU65260

Schneider Electric 140Cpu65260

Schneider Electric 140CPU65260

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  • 140CPU65260
  • 3072 KB
  • 266 MHZ

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140CPU65260

Schneider Electric has designed and manufactured an innovative CPU module 140CPU65260 for multiple uses, providing a robust solution to many of today's applications.

This model 140CPU65260 is outfitted with an ethernet router and boasts lightning-fast task completion speeds. An LED in green indicates activity on the network, while a red light signals any collisions that may occur for quicker resolution of these issues. The system has minimal overhead, too, with 0.2 ms allocation to fast tasks and 1 ms dedicated solely to Master operations.

Technical Description of 140CPU65260:

Boasting 8 K words of maximum discrete I/O capacity, the unity processor offers 1984 inputs and outputs, accessible remotely for your convenience.

Boasting a generous 7168 kb of expandable RAM with the addition of an included PCMCIA card, this state-of-the-art model 140CPU65260 is further equipped with 3072 Kb internal memory and lightning-fast 266 MHz clock frequency. All that power comes at a cost: it requires 2760 mA to maintain operation on its current bus system.

The model 140CPU65260 contains a configuration of two local racks and over sixty distributed Input/Output stations with specialized features such as precise time stamping, serial link connectivity, high-speed interrupt input ports, and counter components for application specialist requirements.

This CPU module has three electrical connections designed to serve a specific purpose. A SUB-D 9 female connector connects the Modbus Plus network, while RJ45 connectors form access points for both Ethernet networks and the Modbus bus.

The 140CPU65260 CPU model offers an impressive analog I/O capacity of up to 500 inputs and outputs. Additionally, users can choose from a selection of 6 optional modules such as Ethernet, Modbus Plus & Profibus DP for even greater expandability.

Key Switch and LED Specifications and Information:

The model 140CPU65260 boasts a secure key switch designed to protect memory and is accessible only by the system's management firmware. This unique feature has two settings that can be effortlessly adjusted - Locked or Unlocked - allowing user flexibility in protection from unauthorized access.

With the 140CPU65260 model's user-friendly system menus, operators can execute PLC operations, such as starting and stopping, while also being able to access key module parameters, including communication configurations.

The CPU features a comprehensive LCD with an automatic backlight feature for added longevity. Key presses, key switch changes, and error messages will activate the LED-powered backlighting to ensure users miss no information.

After 5 minutes of inactivity, the backlight will switch off to conserve energy. However, it stays illuminated when error messages are detected and displayed onscreen so that critical information can be identified quickly.

Operating and Storage Conditions:

The model 140CPU65260 is built for optimal performance within an ambient air temperature range of 0 to 60°C and must be stored at temperatures between -40 to 85°C. To ensure the best possible results, do not exceed a relative humidity level of 95% in either its operating or storage environment.

Safety Precautions:

Qualified personnel should be entrusted with installing, functioning, servicing, and upkeep this analog module. Any damage caused by misusing it is not the responsibility of our organization.

While using this highly specialized model 140CPU65260 on machinery without proper point-of-operation guarding, you must take utmost caution to ensure optimal control of complex industrial processes. Neglecting to do so can lead to serious injury for the operator.