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Schneider Electric 140CPU67160

Schneider Electric 140Cpu67160

Schneider Electric 140CPU67160

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  • 140CPU67160
  • 1024 KB
  • 266 MHZ

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140CPU67160

This Schneider Electric model CPU module 140CPU67160 offers a reliable, efficient solution for all your application needs.

The cutting-edge model 140CPU67160 boasts an impressive 7168kb expandable RAM for programs, in addition to its onboard 1024 Kb internal RAM and 266 MHz clock frequency. It ensures a powerful capacity for all computing needs.

Technical Description of 140CPU67160:

The model 140CPU67160 boasts an ethernet router and superior speed capabilities, with a system overhead of 0.2ms for quick operations and 1ms for the main task execution. Two LED indicators - one green to signify active ethernet connection, another red when it's in a collision- make this model reliable as well as efficient.

The impressive model 140CPU67160 sports a 2500 mA bus current requirement and is designed with a powerful unity processor. It boasts up to 37K words of small I/O capacity, distributed into 8K inputs and outputs each.

The 140CPU67160 CPU module has two local racks and 63 distributed I/O stations for precise timing, serial linkages, high-speed interrupt inputs, and counter capabilities to meet application-specific needs.

The model's analog I/O capabilities are impressive, with an impressive 500 inputs and outputs, plus six optional modules available (Ethernet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP & Sy/Max).

Three distinct electrical connections are featured on the model 140CPU67160, providing reliable system connection and communication. You can use SUB-D 9 connectors to integrate with Modbus Plus networks. RJ45s enable Ethernet capabilities, while MT-RJs provide up to 4 km interconnectivity between primary and secondary PLC systems using multimode fiber optics.

Key Switch and LED Specifications and Instructions:

The 140CPU67160 model's key switch provides a sense of security and memory preservation. The PLC OS (Executive) software is the only one capable of reading this device, leaving the OS Loader portion decrypted. With two distinct positions - Locked and Unlocked - this versatile feature ensures reliable protection with every use.

The model 140CPU67160 allows the operator to seamlessly execute PLC operations and view module parameters through a series of interactive system menus. This intuitive design creates an efficient way for operators to control their environment.

The CPU boasts a 16-character LCD with adjustable backlight and contrast for convenient viewing. The backlight of this device is automated to prolong the lifespan of its LED. Stay informed as it lights up when you press a key or encounter an error message.

The backlight will dim after 5 minutes of inactivity but stay lit if an error message is displayed. It ensures users can quickly identify and respond to messages requiring attention.

By default, the LCD and keypad boast a controller status screen as a gateway to top system menus. These submenu screens present one option on two lines, with titles occupying the first line and menu options below.

Safety Precautions for 140CPU67160 CPU module:

This CPU unit is designed to enhance control of various industrial processes. Yet its use of machinery not equipped with proper point-of-operation guarding may lead to hazardous outcomes, including potential injury for the operator.

Qualified personnel should be the only ones to install, operate and service this model. The company will not accept responsibility for any issues that arise from its use. The 140CPU67160 model should be operated in a dry atmosphere, out of direct sunlight, for maximal performance.