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Schneider Electric 140CRA31200

Schneider Electric 140Cra31200

Schneider Electric 140CRA31200

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  • 140CRA31200
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The Schneider Electric 140CRA31200 is a reliable, powerful, and efficient motor control and protection device. It includes a range of features to ensure safety and control, including: overload protection, short circuit protection, and an integrated thermal overload relay. These features provide fast and safe motor control, making this an ideal choice for industrial applications.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.


Schneider Electric 140CRA31200

The cutting-edge Ethernet RIO drop adapter 140CRA31200 developed by Schneider Electric is a game-changer for the Modicon Quantum product range. This nifty device enhances Ethernet connectivity and streamlines operations, ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

The device 140CRA31200 boasts three separate ports ready for action, alongside a convenient Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP Communication port protocol to make information exchange and synchronization smoother than ever before.

Technical Specification of 140CRA31200:

The cutting-edge model 140CRA31200 has a daisy chain loop topology and a lightweight construction of just 0.554 kilograms. It gathers crucial input data swiftly channeled to the remote I/O head adaptor before being expertly disseminated to the output modules. Rest assured; this model is leading the way in top-tier data collection and distribution.

The Ethernet RIO drop adapter 140CRA31200 boasts a sleek profile, measuring 167 mm in width and 50 mm in height. Blinking to life are two LEDs, one displaying the module status in a sprightly green or cautionary red and the other indicating network communication with the same color options. The device also features a handy green LED for a run and a conspicuous red LED indicating input/output operations.

A network of devices can be installed on an Ethernet RIO network alongside RIO modules, creating a distributed system that prioritizes RIO traffic over DIO traffic. This type of network offers deterministic RIO exchanges thanks to its prioritization structure, helping to ensure smooth and efficient communication between devices.

The network infrastructure comprises various components, including a local rack, RIO drops, distributed equipment, network option switch modules, dual-ring switches, adapter class devices, and more. These devices work together seamlessly by following specific rules that ensure RIO determinism within the network, creating a reliable and efficient system.

Revamp the RIO drops to uphold their unfailing accuracy and cabling redundancy in a robust daisy chain loop network. The network will bounce back within a mere 50 milliseconds if any communication disruption transpires on the principal ring or any RIO sub-rings.

It has been determined that the main ring can only support up to 32 connected devices to maintain a smooth network recovery time. This number includes the controller with the local rack's Ethernet I/O communication server service. It is essential to adhere to this limit to ensure that the network operates efficiently and effectively within the specified 50 ms timeframe.

Firmware Instructions:

When you upgrade your Modicon extended managed switch's firmware, say goodbye to those pre-set configuration file settings. You must manually download these configurations to optimize your switch's performance. With the right set of operating parameters provided by your download, your switch will operate as efficiently as ever within your architecture.

Safety Instructions:

Before putting any equipment into operation, it is crucial to check that all necessary safety features and mechanical or electrical interlocks are installed and working properly. It includes ensuring that all safeguards related to the point of operation are coordinated and synced with the automation equipment and software programming. Safety should always be a top priority when operating any machinery.

Before relying on electrical control and automation equipment for regular operation following installation, it is crucial to conduct a start-up test overseen by skilled professionals to ensure the equipment functions correctly.

It's important that operators only have access to the necessary operational adjustments to prevent unwarranted changes to operating characteristics. Restricting access to other controls is paramount in maintaining operational integrity.