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Schneider Electric 140CRA93200

Schneider Electric 140Cra93200

Schneider Electric 140CRA93200

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  • 140CRA93200
  • 500 VDC
  • 0 TO 60 DEGREES C

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140CRA93200

The Schneider Electric 140CRA93200 is an RIO (Remote Input/Output) drop adapter module designed for use with the Modicon Quantum programmable logic controller (PLC) system. This module serves as a communication interface between the Quantum PLC and remote I/O devices or modules.

General Specs:

The 140CRA93200 module has two connectors with redundant cable functionality, enabling reliable and robust communication links. The redundant cable arrangement ensures that operations continue even if one cable or connector fails or is disrupted.

The RIO communication protocol is supported by the module, which is a high-speed, deterministic, and durable communication protocol built specifically for connecting distant I/O devices to the PLC.

The RIO protocol provides accurate and timely data interchange between the PLC and the linked devices by providing efficient data transmission.

It has a 75 Ohm coaxial cable with 27 maximum I/O expansion modules, a transmission rate of 1544 Mbit/s, and a dynamic range of 35 dB.

Users can effectively increase the I/O capabilities of their control system by connecting remote I/O devices to the Modicon Quantum PLC using the 140CRA93200 module. This allows for the incorporation of additional sensors, actuators, and field devices, resulting in a flexible and scalable solution for numerous automation settings.

Its ambient air temperature for operation is 0 to 60 °C and its ambient air temperature for storage is -40 to 85 °C. It works properly in 95 % relative humidity without condensation at an operating altitude of less than or equal to 5000 meters.

Resistance to Electrostatic Discharge:

According to the IEC 801-2 standard, the Schneider Electric 140CRA93200 RIO drop adapter module has a specific resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD). When in touch with a charged object, it can tolerate 4 kV of ESD and 8 kV of ESD when subjected to an airborne discharge.

The module's 4 kV contact rating indicates it can safely handle circumstances involving direct contact with a charged object that causes the electrostatic discharge. This could happen, for example, during module handling or installation if there is a chance of coming into touch with a charged surface or item.

The ESD on air rating of 8 kV reflects the module's capacity to tolerate discharge events that occur in the surrounding air. This includes circumstances when an electrical discharge, such as from adjacent equipment or atmospheric conditions, could cause an electrostatic discharge.

The 140CRA93200 module confirms its capacity to withstand these defined amounts of electrostatic discharge by adhering to the IEC 801-2 standard. This helps to safeguard the module from potential damage or malfunctions caused by ESD events, assuring its reliable operation in electrostatic discharge-prone situations.

Resistance to Electromagnetic Fields:

The Schneider Electric 140CRA93200 RIO drop adapter module is designed to withstand electromagnetic fields (EMF) and meets the IEC 801-3 standard. It can tolerate electromagnetic fields with a strength of 10 V/m over a frequency range of 80 to 1000 MHz.

The 10 V/m rating shows the maximum strength of the electromagnetic field that the module can withstand without incurring substantial interference or performance impairment.

Thus the module can work consistently even in surroundings containing electromagnetic fields, like those produced by nearby electrical equipment and radio frequency transmissions.

The 140CRA93200 module has been tested and evaluated to verify its resistance to electromagnetic fields within the defined frequency range by conforming to the IEC 801-3 standard. This enables the module to work and maintain data integrity in the presence of electromagnetic interference.