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Schneider Electric 140NOC78000

Schneider Electric 140Noc78000

Schneider Electric 140NOC78000

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  • 140NOC78000
  • RJ45
  • 10/100 MBIT/S

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.


Schneider Electric 140NOC78000

This Schneider Electric's Ethernet I/O head module 140NOC78000 is an innovative and versatile tool for various applications. Featuring exchange mode capabilities with up to 128 connections, it brings efficient performance to any environment.

Technical Specification of 140NOC78000:

Boasting Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP communication ports, this 140NOC78000 model's transmission rate is 10/100 Mbit/s with a hot standby redundant architecture. Also embedded in its design is the web server feature ensuring reliable operation.

The 140NOC78000 module facilitates efficient communication between I/O and PLC devices on different networks. It ensures seamless operations coordination with no additional latency, delivering superior performance for distributed applications.

This Ethernet I/O head module has a lightweight build of 0.345 kg and is equipped with an RJ45: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX ethernet port, providing transmission support via the twisted pair medium. It also offers reliable protection thanks to its IP20 class rating.

The 140NOC78000 model features 6 LEDs that serve various purposes. A bright green LED signals the active bus communication, while another indicates the configuration status. Additionally, a dual-color (green/red) LED illuminates when the module and network statuses are in effect.

This Ethernet I/O head module model is powered by the rack power supply and CE compliant, with RSTP Ethernet service for rapid scanning operations.

Interface capabilities are provided to the Quantum EIO system through a module installed on its local rack, giving users control over distributed I/O devices and client applications within an Ethernet remote I/O network. For the best results, use the model 140NOC78000 within the temperature range of 0 to +60°C and keep the operational relative humidity below 95%.


General Precautions:

To ensure optimal performance, you must use specially-designed accessories with the model 140NOC78000. Proper point-of-operation guarding is necessary to maintain a safe operating environment. Not adhering to this rule can lead to severe injury or death; machines must have updated and efficient protective devices equipped.

The 140NOC78000 model's setup, operation, and maintenance involve many conditions only the operator can adequately assess. It powers them to recognize essential restrictions when it comes to using corresponding safeties and interlocks, too.

To protect operators during certain operations, point-of-operation guarding can be necessary. It adds an extra layer of safety should the operator's hands or other body parts enter pinch points or hazardous areas and prevent injuries from occurring.

Start-Up and Testing Instructions:

Before utilizing the model 140NOC78000 in daily operations, a thorough start-up test should be conducted by certified personnel. Subsequently, we must allocate adequate time to comprehensively test all components and associated systems to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Double-check that you have completed all installation and setup steps to ensure the smooth operation of model 140NOC78000. Then remove any shipping blocks from the components to prepare for operational tests.

Operation and Maintenance Instructions:

Even the most meticulously engineered and thoughtfully constructed models present risks if handled with improper technique. We urge all model operators to exercise caution when using any device for maximum safety.

Incorrect adjustment of the 140NOC78000 model can cause hazardous operations. To ensure safe and successful use, personnel with access to available adjustments should be familiar with the manufacturer's requirements and equipment needs. Following these instructions will give you fast operation results every time.