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Schneider Electric ATV320U40N4C

Schneider Electric Atv320U40N4C

Schneider Electric ATV320U40N4C

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  • ATV320U40N4C
  • 50/60 HZ

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric ATV320U40N4C

The Schneider Electric ATV320U40N4C is a model of variable speed drive (VSD) produced by Schneider Electric. VSDs, also known as adjustable speed drives, are electronic devices used to control the speed and torque of electric motors. They are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to optimize energy consumption and improve motor performance.

Technical Features of the Drive:

The ATV320U40N4C has a power rating of 4 kW, translating to about 5.3 horsepower. The maximum power output that the VSD can take is indicated by this rating.

The VSD is designed to work with a 380 - 500 V AC input voltage range. This voltage range covers common industrial power supply voltages, allowing interoperability with a variety of electrical systems.

It has a variable output voltage that ranges from 0 to 500 V AC. This function allows for exact control of motor speed and torque, resulting in improved performance and energy economy. The VSD supports a wide frequency range from 0.1 to 599 Hz. This range allows for fine-tuning of motor speed, accommodating various applications with varying speed requirements.

The ATV320U40N4C utilizes Sensor less Flux Vector Control (SFVC) for motor control. SFVC is a control algorithm that combines the benefits of both V/f (Volts per Hertz) control and vector control, providing excellent torque response and speed accuracy across a wide speed range.

The VSD works with three-phase asynchronous motors. It allows for precise control of motor speed, torque, and acceleration, resulting in improved motor performance and energy efficiency.

Sensor-less Flux Vector Control (SFVC):

Sensor-less Flux Vector Control (SFVC) is a motor control method that is used in variable speed drives (VSDs) to achieve accurate control over motor speed and torque without the usage of extra feedback sensors like encoders or resolvers.

SFVC combines the advantages of V/f control and vector control, resulting in enhanced performance and efficiency. The SFVC algorithm in a VSD determines the magnetic flux and torque of the motor based on the measured voltage and current values. The algorithm can control the motor's speed and torque by correctly predicting these factors and adjusting the VSD's output.

The VSD may deliver speedy and accurate torque response thanks to SFVC, which allows for fine control over motor acceleration, deceleration, and dynamic performance. This is especially useful in situations that need rapid changes in load or speed.

It enables precise control of a wide range of motor speeds, from low to high speeds. Because of its adaptability, it is ideal for a wide range of applications with varying speed requirements.

SFVC delivers superior torque control accuracy by predicting the motor's magnetic flux and torque. This is useful in applications where a precise torque level must be maintained, such as robotics, conveyors, or machine tools.

It overcomes the difficulties associated with regulating motors at low speeds. When compared to standard V/f control systems, it can give superior control and torque production at low speeds, allowing for smooth operation and increased motor efficiency.

SFVC improves motor efficiency by precisely managing the magnetic flux and torque of the motor. This control decreases energy losses and allows the motor to operate at a higher level of efficiency, resulting in energy savings.

One notable advantage of SFVC is that it avoids the need for extra sensors like encoders or resolvers, which can be expensive and complicate the system. SFVC streamlines the overall control system and lowers hardware costs by relying on observed voltage and current levels.