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Siemens 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1

Siemens 6Se6440-2Ud15-5Aa1

Siemens 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1

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  • 6SE64402UD155AA1
  • 460 VAC
  • 3 PHASE
  • 3/4 HP
  • 1.7 AMP
  • 0.55 KW
  • 47-63 HZ

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Siemens 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1

The Siemens 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 is a micro-master 440 frequency inverter from the highly regarded Siemens 6SE series. This model is celebrated for its versatile functionality and impressive efficiency, embodying Siemens' unwavering dedication to automation and drive technology. With exceptional precision and control capabilities and straightforward installation and integration processes, the model is a premier option for many applications.

Technical Specs:

The 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 is a class A device with impressive specifications. It operates on a voltage range of 380 - 480 V and has a 0.55 kW motor output power, making it a reliable choice for handling light to moderate loads. It is designed for optimum efficiency and offers a frequency range of 0 - 650 Hz and an output current rating of 1.70 A.

One of its standout features is its highly sophisticated control system, which includes vector control, ECO vector control, and V/F control modes. The device's compact size of 73 x 173 x 149 mm (W x H x D) makes it an ideal addition to your automation systems without taking up too much space.

To ensure efficient performance, the 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 has a rated current of 2.80 A (input) and a frequency of 4000 Hz (pulse). It also has a power factor of 0.95 and an efficiency factor of 0.96, while cooling is provided through the fan. Its frame size is FSA, with six inputs (digital) and three relay inputs, making it a versatile and reliable choice for your motor control needs.

Operating Parameters:

The 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 model’s operating conditions play a vital role in optimizing its functionality. It runs smoothly at -10 degrees C and performs well at altitudes up to 1000 m without derating.

Additionally, it can withstand up to 95 % relative humidity while complying with IEC 60721-3-3 Class 3M1 standards through its shock and vibration-resistant design. Several safety mechanisms are also included, such as adjustable ramp-up time, ramp-down time, DC braking, short-circuit, earth fault, and overtemperature protection features.

Installation and Grounding:

The 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 inverter is a hassle-free installation that can be easily mounted inside a control cabinet or a similarly protected environment. Its integrated Class A line filter allows for safe mounting alongside other devices.

The frequency drive should be mounted vertically for optimal performance, and its terminal connections should be secured to the correct torque level, as specified in the manual. Providing a large, clear LED display and an easy-to-use operator panel, the 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 simplifies setup, programming, and fault diagnosis.

Protect the inverter from moisture, dust, and mechanical stress. Always store and transport it in its original packaging. Additionally, the device must not be exposed to corrosive substances, high levels of UV radiation, or intense thermal influence. It should be kept from radio-active materials and sources of intense electromagnetic radiation.

Safety Precautions:

To ensure safety, ensure that only trained personnel operate the device. STO and SS1 safety functions are integral to the equipment. Avoid touching the cooling fan while the device is in operation, as it can cause injury.

Proper grounding conductors should be securely connected to the drive's designated grounding points. Ensure the ground system's effectiveness and integrity through regular inspection and maintenance to prevent the drive from being used in environments where the ground connection is inadequate or compromised.

Only operate the drive within the prescribed voltage, current, and temperature ranges indicated in the documentation. Maintain adequate clearance around the drive, allowing for proper ventilation and cooling while preventing blockages in the air vents. If the device shows any sign of damage, such as exposed wiring, cracked casing, or unusual noises, contact a qualified technician for inspection and repair.