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Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60

Siemens 6Se7031-0Ee60

Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60

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Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60

The Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60, part of the SIMOVERT MasterDrive series, is a vector control converter chassis unit. It improves AC motor control efficiency and precision, making it suitable for industrial applications in the automotive, power generation, aerospace, and electronics sectors.

Technical Features:

The Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60 operates within a 380-480V AC voltage range, making it compatible with various industrial power supplies. This flexibility ensures effective performance in diverse regions and setups with varying voltage standards.

The 6SE7031-0EE60 supports a frequency range of 50/60 Hz, allowing compatibility with European and North American power grids. This versatility ensures seamless integration into existing industrial infrastructure without requiring extensive modifications. The converter handles a nominal current of up to 92A, enabling it to drive substantial loads. This high capacity makes it ideal for demanding industrial applications requiring robust motor control.

The Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60 has a nominal power rating of 45 kW, offering sufficient power for various industrial motor applications. This capacity ensures efficient motor operation, enhancing overall system productivity and reliability. The 6SE7031-0EE60 has an IP00 rating, meaning it must be installed within a protected enclosure. This requires housing the unit in a suitable cabinet or control room to guard against dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring reliable operation in controlled environments.

The Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60 is designed to handle two switching operations per minute at the input, ensuring efficient and reliable operation in dynamic industrial environments. It features an air cooling system with a built-in fan, and it can also be enhanced with additional water cooling for more demanding applications.

The 6SE7031-0EE60 adheres to industrial interference immunity standards as per EN 61800-3, ensuring robust performance in environments with significant electrical noise and interference.

Operating Conditions:

The Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60 operates efficiently within a permissible ambient and cooling medium temperature range of 0°C to +40°C (32°F to 104°F). During storage, the Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60 converter can withstand temperatures from -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to 158°F). This broad temperature range ensures the unit remains safe and functional during periods of non-operation, such as maintenance or off-season periods.

The installation altitude for optimal performance is 1000 meters above sea level, maintaining 100% load capability.

Installation Instructions:

When installing the Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60, follow the guidelines specified in the relevant documentation to ensure proper installation and cooling.

Protect the drive converters from excessive strain during transportation and handling. Avoid bending components or altering isolating distances, and ensure no contact with electronic components and contacts. Handle the drive converters carefully, as they contain electrostatic-sensitive components that can be damaged by improper use. Avoid mechanical damage or destruction of electronic components to prevent potential health risks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the permissible humidity ratings for the 6SE7031-0EE60 during transport and operation?

The permissible relative humidity is up to 95% during transport and storage. During operation, the permissible relative humidity is up to 85%, with no moisture condensation allowed to ensure the unit's integrity and performance.

What climatic class does the Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60 conform to during operation?

The 6SE7031-0EE60 conforms to climatic class 3K3 according to DIN IEC 721-3-3 during operation, indicating it is designed to withstand specific environmental conditions typically encountered in industrial settings.

What are the rated input and output voltage and frequency ranges for the 6SE7031-0EE60?

The Siemens 6SE7031-0EE60 has a rated input voltage range of 3 AC 380V (-15%) to 480V (+10%) and an output voltage range from 0 to the rated input voltage. The input frequency range is 50/60 Hz ± 6%, with an output frequency range of 0 to 600 Hz for the V/f constant and 8 to 300 Hz for the V constant.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specifications
Series SIMOVERT Masterdrives
Voltage 380-480 V AC
Dimensions 46.00 x 74.00 x 41.00 cm
Mounting Type Chassis unit (Built-in)
Weight 35 kg
Control Method Vector Control
Power Rating 45 kW
Compliance Non RoHS-compliant
Construction IP00 (Open Type)
Phase 3-phase

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