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Siemens 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2

Siemens 6Sn1118-1Nk00-0Aa2

Siemens 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2

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  • 6SN11181NK000AA2
  • CNC
  • REPLACED BY 6SN1118-1NK01-0AA1

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Siemens 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2

The Siemens 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 2-axis controller by SIMODRIVE 611 U HRS2 is a highly sophisticated and adaptable solution for modern industrial automation systems. The advanced features and sturdy design ensure exceptional performance and reliability, making it the optimal choice for various applications.

Technical Specs:

The 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 controller has a powerful microprocessor that enables seamless monitoring and control of connected machinery. The compact design and user-friendly interface make it easy to configure and operate, while its Profibus DP communication allows for effortless integration into automation systems.

With a high-resolution positioning capability of 0.001°, this axis control loop block resolver can ensure precise positioning of your machine tool or other equipment. Its two-axis design makes it highly versatile for various applications, such as machine tools, robots, and material handling systems.

This module has a remarkable 0.002° accuracy, always guaranteeing precise positioning of the apparatus. The 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 is versatile because it can operate at an impressive DC input voltage. Connecting to sensors and other peripherals is accessible via digital inputs, while analog outputs allow precise analog signal processing.

Ambient operating conditions:

The 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 controller's performance and longevity are significantly influenced by its operating conditions. The axis control module is built to work at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, ensuring its reliability in a wide range of commercial settings.

It offers protection against moisture issues by functioning in environments with a humidity of 10% to 90%. The module is also resistant to mechanical disturbances like vibrations and shocks, making it ideal for deployment in environments with such potential disruptions.

Installation and Transportation

To uphold the safety and integrity of the 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 during transportation and installation, precautions must be taken. Careful handling is imperative to evade any impact or excessive force that could cause damage. It is recommended to use anti-static packaging or shielding to counteract any electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage.

Locate the mounting bracket and secure the digital control unit using the screws provided during installation. Connect the necessary power and signal cables to the module and power on the machine tool or equipment. You can then configure the module via the control system.

It is mandatory to securely mount the 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 unit on a stable surface or enclosure with the provided mounting brackets. Proper grounding is crucial to ensure reliable operation and safeguard against potential electrical hazards. Adequate ventilation must be provided to prevent excessive heat buildup, which can negatively impact the controller's performance and lifespan.

Keep the closed control unit's temperature between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius and humidity between 5 % and 95 % while in transit. To prevent the module from getting damaged in transit, place it in a sturdy container.

Safety Preventions:

Adhere to industry-standard guidelines and regulations when using the system for safety and accident prevention. Before initiating maintenance or repair tasks, disconnect the module from the power and connected machinery. Only authorized personnel with requisite knowledge and training should handle the axis controller.

To ensure the continued performance and reliability of the universal digital controller, manufacturers recommend regular inspection and maintenance. Follow their guidelines for cleaning and servicing procedures. If any signs of damage or malfunction are evident, qualified professionals should address them immediately to prevent further complications or accidents.

Protecting 6SN1118-1NK00-0AA2 from environmental hazards is vital. Ensure suitable environmental conditions by maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels, shielding the system from excessive dust or moisture, and implementing appropriate ventilation to prevent overheating.