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Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1

Siemens 6Sn1123-1Aa00-0Ea1

Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1

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  • 6SN11231AA000EA1
  • 1 AXIS
  • 160 A

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1

Experience superior functionality and performance with the Siemens 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 digital power module from the SIMODRIVE 611 Universal series. This power module is engineered to deliver optimal performance while offering a range of features that ensure safe and efficient operation and uncompromising system reliability. With its advanced technical specifications, the model is the go-to for high-performance applications.

Technical Specification:

The 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 is a high-performance dual-axis power module group that packs a punch with a nominal current of 160 amps and advanced internal cooling technology. Its modular design enables closed-loop control of 1FT6 motors, 1FK6 motors, and 1FN1-3 linear motors.

Equipped with a 160 A power transistor, the power module offers high current output suitable for even the most demanding applications. Its fast response time of less than 1 ms ensures smooth and accurate operation. Further, the module features a power factor of 0.9 and an efficiency of 95%, optimizing energy consumption and saving costs.

Compact and lightweight, the unit measures 152 x 483 x 305 mm and weighs only 11 kg. Its frequency range spans 0 to 1400 Hz, and the positioning accuracy is rated at ±0.01 % of the desired speed.

The module boasts an interface of ANALOG, offering flexibility and an array of configuration options to meet diverse application requirements. The feed drive and main spindle have been designed with multiple functionalities, fitting various machine tools, production machines, and automated systems.

Ambient Conditions for Operation:

The 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 boasts an impressive operating temperature range of 0 to +45 degrees Celsius when running at rated power - there's no need to derate. Transport and storage temperatures should be between -25 to +70 degrees Celsius.

With no power reduction, the unit delivers optimal performance up to 2000 m above sea level. To ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of the power module, ambient conditions should maintain a relative humidity of 95% without condensation.

Installation and Wiring:

The 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 unit needs a cabinet or enclosure with effective cooling mechanisms to maintain proper operating conditions. Its compact design allows for side-by-side installation, thereby saving valuable space.

Correct polarity and voltage ratings must be observed when connecting the power supply lines to their designated terminals. Communication cables should be correctly attached to their respective connectors as the documentation instructs.

The power module should be paired with the appropriate power supply to avoid issues. Proper wire size and type should be used for both power and motor leads, and all connections should be tightened and secured. This unit features the DRIVE-CLiQ interface for secure and accessible communication with various power modules. The wiring process must adhere to relevant safety and reliability guidelines and standards, with proper grounding ensured.

Built-in Safety and Prevention:

The 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 has multiple safety features for optimal protection during operation. Its Safe Torque Off functionality allows for safe motor torque shutdown when necessary. The module also includes overtemperature, overvoltage, and under-voltage protection, preventing any potential damage from electrical extremes.

These features enhance reliability and safety in different operating conditions. Compliance with international safety standards, including IEC 61800-5-1, ensures the power module's safety. Diagnostic functions and error detection capabilities are also included in the module. These facilitate timely intervention and preventive maintenance by identifying potential issues early.

Appropriate cable types, with proper shielding, should be used to minimize electromagnetic interference. Finally, all connections must be double-checked for accuracy and tightness after wiring completion.