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Control Techniques UNI3405

Emerson Control/techniques Uni3405
Emerson Control/techniques Uni3405

Control Techniques UNI3405

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Control Techniques UNI3405

The Control Techniques UNI3405 is a proficient AC drive produced by Control Techniques, a pioneer in industrial automation. It is popularly referred to as the Unidrive due to its universality. This variable speed drive is engineered to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications.

The AC Drive provides precise control over motor speed and torque, making it a crucial component in various industrial settings. This drive module offers optimal performance and energy efficiency that meets the needs of modern industrial operations.

Electrical Specifications:

The UNI3405 AC drive operates on a three-phase input and generates a constant torque power of 37 KW. It takes input supply voltages within the 380 to 480V AC range and can accommodate a maximum continuous input current of 82 A. The drive can handle a typical input current of 66 A and has an 80 A fuse rating for safety.

The UNI3405 provides an RFI filter with a bookcase style that ensures adherence to electromagnetic compatibility regulations. It can support motor wire lengths of up to 200 meters with a typical AC supply voltage of 400 V.

The drive module is an ideal choice for operations requiring high power, thanks to its instantaneous power rating of 60 KW. This drive by Control Techniques has minimum braking resistor values of 10 ohms, facilitating efficient braking and energy dissipation throughout its operation. The drive module has a nominal power dissipation rating of 37 KW, equivalent to a power output of 50 hp.

Key Benefits:

The UNI3405 AC Drive is specifically engineered for superior performance in various industrial applications. The drive facilitates energy conservation in multiple procedures using variable speed control. Under demanding environments, it can provide robust and consistent performance capabilities. The drive offers an unparalleled power-to-size ratio without compromising operational efficiency.

The UNI3405 extends its functionality, supporting multiple control paradigms like open loop and closed loop vector control, which empower meticulous control over motor speed and torque. It is well-suited across various applications, from straightforward fan and pump systems to intricate machinery. Emanating high safety standards, the drive's in-built features protect the system and connected motors.

Advanced Features:

Unidrive's advanced auto-tuning facility is designed to augment motor shaft performance while significantly ensuring quieter motor operation. Using the UniSoft commissioning software, you can view and edit parameter values swiftly, enabling your motor to start running in virtually no time.

This drive module offers a broad range of applications owing to the extensive options that make this series incredibly flexible. Intelligent Thermal Modelling maximizes application performance, and control algorithms enhance Flux Vector drive performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the removal process for the terminal covers on the Control Techniques UNI3405 AC Drive?

The terminal covers can be removed by pushing the inner edge outward until it becomes unclipped, then swinging the side outward and upward until all clips are released.

What are the different operating modes available for Control Techniques UNI3405?

The different operating modes available for this drive include Open loop, Closed loop vector, Servo, and Regen. Each mode has a distinct purpose and advantage, which contribute to the drive's performance and flexibility.

What is the amp rating for constant torque for Control Techniques UNI3405 drive?

The UNI3405 drive has an amp rating of 70 A for constant torque. It contributes significantly to the drive's efficient and safe functioning for various applications.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specification
Typical Input Current 66 A
Maximum Continuous Input Current 82 A
Constant Torque Power 37 KW
Input Phase Three phase
Input Supply Voltage Range 380 to 480V AC
Fuse Rating 80 A
Instantaneous Power Rating 60 KW
Minimum Braking Resistor Value 10 ohms
Nominal Power Dissipation 37 KW (50 hp)
Cable Size 25 (AWG-4)

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