Allen-Bradley PanelView Selection Guide

February 22, 2023 Brian Diver

The Allen-Bradley PanelView series is an excellent human-machine interface (HMI) product family. It offers a fantastic range of options and advantages. For years, smart manufacturers have relied on them to control their machinery. The durability and dependability of these operator terminals have made them a top choice for many industrial applications.

This article will review the similarities and differences between several popular models. We'll also look at deciding which PanelView is suitable for your application.

Allen-Bradley PanelView

Allen-Bradley PanelView Basics

As a leading HMI series, all the Allen-Bradley PanelView models we will review are highly reliable and offer a rugged design that withstands the harshest environments. These Allen-Bradley operator terminals work well for various applications, including machine control, material handling, and process control.

Other common features include:

  • Customizable graphics and screens for an intuitive interface
  • Ethernet Communication abilities using RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces
  • Support for multiple programming languages like function block and ladder logic
  • Remote access and data logging
  • Security features like user-level access control and password protection
Allen-Bradley PanelView Details

Allen-Bradley PanelView Details

Now, we'll review various PanelView models in greater detail to help you understand the differences and select the right one for your application.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 550

The PanelView 550, obsolete, offers a monochromatic screen with a display size of 4.3 inches, and it’s available with a touchscreen and keypad.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 600

Also obsolete, the Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 is a color terminal that offers screen sizes up to 14 inches. It has more powerful processing capabilities than the PanelView 550 and is also available with a touchscreen or keypad.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 700

Offering more processing capabilities than the Allen-Bradley PanelView 600, the PanelView Plus 700 is available with a touch screen or keypad with a display screen of up to 15 inches.

The PanelView Plus 700, which is obsolete, runs on the Windows CE operating system. This operating system allows the terminals to run a broader range of applications.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000

Available in grayscale or color terminals, the Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 offers a display size from 12 inches to 15 inches. It supplies more processing capabilities than the PanelView 700.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 runs on FactoryTalk View SE, while the PanelView Plus 1000 runs on Windows CE. Both models are obsolete.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7

The PanelView Plus 7 provides more processing capabilities and faster processing times than the PanelView Plus 1000. Also obsolete, the PanelView Plus 7 has a display size of up to 10 inches and runs on Windows CE.

How to Select an Allen-Bradley PanelView

Your choice of a PanelView largely depends on your space constraints and processing needs. If space is an issue, consider the PanelView 550, with its smaller display size.

If you need greater processing capabilities, the PanelView 1000 or PanelView Plus 7 might be the best route — assuming space permits.

PanelView plus From Industrial Automation Co.

Trust Your Allen-Bradley PanelView Needs to Industrial Automation Co.

Industrial Automation Co. has a fantastic lineup of Allen-Bradley PanelView models to meet your requirements. All our Allen-Bradley electronic parts come with a two-year warranty. Which PanelView is suitable for your application? Contact us, so our experienced staff can help you work through your options.

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